Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Althea Turns ONE 🎂

Althea is the wonderful shopping land where you can get your K-Beauty fix and have it shipped from Korea to your doorsteps! (no tax no fuss!) Within 10 - 15 working days. Our prices are amazing, and we have lots of fun, trendy Seoul exclusive beauty products for you to unboxing! Best price, Free Shipping over RM150, 30 Days Unconditional Return and 100% Authentic. 


Don't scream because it's sooooo PINK! 
Yes Althea is celebrating their FIRST birthday from 20th July to 31st July, 2016!! 
GOOD GOOD NEWS for all the Korean cosmetic junkies here. 

  • When you shop at Althea during this period, you will get to receive the Althea Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit. Kindly reminder here, the birthday box and party kit are only available for orders placed on 20/7 onwards (while stocks last). Also, for the first 1,500 shoppers, you will get to receive a free goodie which is full size beauty products that chosen by Althea (while stocks last). 

  • For the Birthday Giveaway. Althea will pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE! Rebate will be credited into your account. 

  • Not to forget the #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest. 
      - Got your Althea party kit? Wish Althea a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! 

- Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won.

- Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.

What are you waiting for now? Quickly head to ALTHEA to shop now! :D
Happy Shopping & GOOD LUCK my readers mwahs!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Surprise Yourself

You're allowed to call me promise breaker. 
I still remember what I wrote for my 2016 new year new resolutions. I'm despising myself right now, because I don't even achieve quarter of it lol. I went MIA on blogging for few months again. Tsk tsk I'm so irresponsible! :/

My latest post was on April and it was about our 4th anniversary celebrate that happened in January. It was decades ago lol. 
To be frank, I wasn't planned to update my blog this soon until one of my diploma friend we chat me talk about degree life. In the conversation, I mentioned about blogging and he suggested me strongly to blog about my feelings for my degree life. I was like, yes why not? :)

 Yes, I've finally done with my degree course. Just finished the last final examination in my degree life on last Sunday. I wasn't happy frankly. Tears were rolling in my eyes once my answer sheets was collected by examiner. Got into my car, I cried, hardly. I started to miss Inti and my friends. Never ever missed them that much lol.

It wasn't a happy or relief tear, but the sad one. People in the exam room were screaming and clapping but I wasn't. I was sad, very sad., till now I'm still sad. :'( 2 years of degree life just past like this, its like a blink of eyes and I'm graduated (unofficially graduated, as the result hasn't come out but I consider myself as graduated lol.) 
It was too fast! I haven't plan for my future, I haven't ready to step into working society, I haven't do many things that a student that supposed to do beside study well. 
 I mean like yes I finally don't have to stress for assignments, presentations, final and etc. I finally don't have to worry about there's no car parks for me to park my car in Inti, I don't have to depart one hour earlier before my class just to ensure I will have enough of time to find a nice carpark and won't late to class. So damn regret now why I skipped class last time, now I really wish to go back and attend class. 

All the good memories flowed into my brain. The good memories covered all the bad one.
Learnt so much thing that I couldn't learn from lecture class or textbook. Thank you for the people and things that created those memories. I'm truly appreciate it!
I know we will still meet some days my friends. This is not a good bye but see you later.
I'm so glad and lucky to have you guys in my degree life, you guys play an important role in it and just made my degree life more amazing than others. :)
I love you all & I miss you all.

Seriously, I have the thought of writing down all the good memories that I could recall back about my degree life but I didn't do it in the end because I don't want to make myself upset about it as we cannot backward everything and go back to it. Just fyi, I'm super sentimental kind of person, so yeah... Sometimes, things are better to keep in heart instead of sharing it out because in the end, you're the only one who understand it. 心里知道就好. :)

Alright, that's all about my degree life.
Here's some little updates about what happened during these few months that I MIA on blogging. People who are following my Twitter and Instagram and have my Facebook more or less still get to catch up with my recent life lah. I'm not mean to make myself like a super star or what okay. I mean if you want to know how's my life you still can know it through my twitter, Instagram and Facebook even thought I didn't update my blog.
Probably I might forgot some detail but I try my best to record down what had happened in these few months okay? :)


- Had our first proper Valentine's celebration in Langkawi. Been together for 4 years plus and it was our first proper Vday celebration. We don't usually celebrate it because this special date is not only belong to us but to all the lovely couples in the world. Its too mainstream for us to celebrate it. :P I've actually uploaded photos and planning to blog about it last few months but till now it is still in the draft. Haha not sure if I still want to blog about it or not since it passed so long time already. You guys might not interested to it already.


- Travelled to Bangkok with boyf and friends and Taiwan with family in the same month which is March. I came back from BKK, stay in Malaysia for a week then I off to Taiwan again. (Yes, I skipped class to travel :X) March is just AWESOME to me! :D
 Not gonna blog about my trips I think as there are too many photos taken and I don't know which to upload here. I'm still thinking whether I should upload them on Facebook or not. Hmmm...
 For my BKK trip, I actually made a video and its uploaded on my Youtube channel. Just in case you don't know, you can watch it here now. :P Pardon my not so excellent video editing skill. 
Kind of regret now as I totally didn't video about my Taiwan trip. :/
I love love love BKK and Taiwan and hopefully I will get to visit them soon!

- My baby nephew Jun Young finally turns 1 in March. Managed to attend his first birthday celebration once I was back from BKK.

- Also, get to celebrate the #bff Shadow Lee's 22nd birthday for the first time at Via Pre before I off to Taiwan. Gave her not-so-big surprise together with my other #bff Rounie Goh. :)

- Watched Disney on ice at Spice Arena. #callmeDisneyfans
Got myself a Rapunzel's cup/glass and I'm so in love with it. AWW...


- The very first time I made a cake. A non bake oreo cheesecake (his fav oreo) for boyf's birthday. Luckily it tastes not bad overall even thought it wasn't a good looking oreo cheesecake. But I think he really like it lah because he ate quite a big slice of it. :P Celebrated his birthday at II Bacaro, thumbs up for the foods and services. 2nd round at G Kelawai sky bar and a big NO for their bad bad bad service!

- Spent my assessment week in KL with boyf. Got him a belated birthday present from Gucci. Basically it was just a normal trip to KL. Visited my sister and my adorable niece Olivia, met up with John, shop and eat.


- We are gathered finally after two years plus since we are graduated. Its quite sad that some of them couldn't make it to attend this gathering. Met up at the place where we usually hang out last time when we were still taking Diploma in TARUC. As we grow up, smth is changed which is the second round no more dessert place or cafes but lounge with beer. :P


Ahhhh, my birthday month. Hmmm, I have so many ups and downs in June frankly. I'm gonna talk about the ups of course so just forget about the downs lol.

- Not going to talk into very details but yea I'm happy that we are back like last time, although we have been stop talking for more than one year but everything is back to normal, like last time now. :) And no more misunderstanding between us again! Appreciate our friendship since secondary school.

- Since we are ending our 2 years joyful yet exhausting degree life soon (Opps, its ended now btw) so we decided to give our degree life a pretty full stop by having a buffet bbq dinner together at BBQ King Icon City. Yes, the farewell is only for few of us. :) It was my first time and also the last time I step into this restaurant. Foods they served weren't fresh nor tasty and you will definitely smell like a BBQ like their restaurant name once you finish your meal and step out from it. Smell like heaven wey! HAHA

- The greatest thing happened in June is THIS!
I seriously cannot any find words or sentences that is adequate enough to express my appreciation for this lovely surprise birthday party that my closest friends gave to me. Big big thanks and kisses for the organizer #bff Rounie behind this birthday party. Its not easy to gather all my closest friends although I don't have many friends lol but yeah still difficult to gather all of them in the same time right. Thank you everyone who put me in priority and made your time to make this surprise birthday dinner succeed.
From the helium ballons to the awesome dinner, my fav colour pinkish strawberry cakes to the awesome party night at VAC. Also, not to forget, the sexy present that I received it for the very first from my #junebaby Nicole and June.
I have to say THANK YOU in million times seriously! I'm truly thankful and blessed. ;)
Not gonna upload the group photo here because I know some of them not really willing to appear on my blog lol so yeah if you want to see it just go to stalk my Instagram @MingmingGoh :P

- Simple birthday celebration on the actual day of my birthday. Had dinner at El Faro Tapas Bar and Wine. Thank you boyf for the tulips that I have always wanted to receive it from him. June is definitely not the tulips season but he managed to gift it to me because he actually ask the florist to help him to find it months ago. Thanks for putting such effort to make me happy. Love you!

- Alright alright, last thing about JUNE.
I finally changed my hairstyle! Not sure if you notice or not (You didn't notice? Are you blind? Haha). Yea, no more long long fringe but cute bangs. Back to 18 huh? I don't know should I call it as an impulse choice or not. Just a normal day in June, I went to my trusted hair salon in Butterworth named Intensity to have a hair wash then when they have done blowing my hair dry, I told the boss said that I need to make a change, I want to have bangs. I wasn't that really regret to cut it off lah but yeah sometimes I will still miss my long fringe because I cannot be sexy without it haha I can only be cute now. :P
Just joking okay, don't take it too serious.

Woahhhhh, never knew that this is another long long post after so longgggggg!!!
Hopefully you guys really finish reading it because I really put on effort to finish this post although it took me few days to finish it. I just want to let you guys know how I feel. :)
Thank you once again my readers and see you guys in my next post!