Monday, April 4, 2016

4th Anniversary Celebration @ Sigi's Bar & Grilled, Golden Sand Resort ♥

When I think of our life together over the years, all the special times & treasured memories. 
Like I always said, I'm so lucky so blessed to have you as my boyf. ♥ I LOVE YOU!

5th of Jan, 
I never wanted to skip this special day in my life. 
As usual, we celebrated it earlier which is on the 3rd of Jan. Watched a movie before our dinner and also best boyf bought me a black dress and asked me to wear on the spot to the dinner. 
This year's celebration is a little bit different because instead of having fine dining, best boyf chose to have buffet dinner. I didn't know everything, he planned it all. 
As you can see my size, I think you know I can't eat much, bringing me to have buffet dinner is wasting of money. :P 
Yes, I didn't eat much of the buffet dinner because I was too excited too high. 
Told best boyf no more buffet meal for both of us because its really wasting money of bringing me this kind of person to have buffet. Paid for so much but I only ate a little. 

Best boyf never failed to surprise to me, always!

Best boyf actually recorded video of when I was reading the card and also unwrapping the extra surprise anniversary present from him, so do I recorded when he was reading the card from me. FYI, I do bought him a present just I've give it to him earlier, so there's no scene of he unwrapping his present in the video. :)
There you go my first video on my Youtube channel. It took me few weeks to finish editing it as I'm the newbie on using the iMovie app. *Been using MacBook for so long but last few month is my first time using iMovie lol*

Watching this video makes me feel so sweet and funny at the same time. :P
For the sweet I think it doesn't need any explanation. For the funny part is, my video editing skill really suck ttm. HAHA but I hope you guys don't mine watching it okay? I will try my best to improve my video recording and video editing's skill, in order to bring more videos for you guys and also my Youtube channel. :)


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