Monday, February 1, 2016

The WORK DRESS For You- The Fashionable Lady Boss

If you are following my social feeds, you'd probably know that I am still pursuing for my degree in university. Although I am reluctant to, soon, I will have to say "goodbye" to my studies life for more than 16 years. :( I am a person who always falls on dilemmas. One part of me doesn't want to leave schools, but the other side of me is already imagining working life, to be accurate, imagining of wearing elegantly to work. :p

There are various styles of working attires for women. Out of all of the working attires, what I admire the most is work dress! I've always dreaming of being a fashionable lady boss in my dream, and wearing a work dress would help me to achieve my dream to be a lady boss. Recently, I have checked out these work dress selections << click* that will be perfect to show off at the workplace. 

1. The Bodycon Dress
For ladies who want to show off their sexy curves and still appear in power, the bodycon dress is the perfect choice. It hugs your figure giving you that extra boost of confidence. Match the bodycon dresses with a nice pair of high heels and luxury handbag for the complete professional appearance!  

2. The Midi Dress
Midi dresses are designed with a longer skirt length which helps maintain a professional look to others. It covers a lot of your skin leaving some for that sexy appeal. Choose from the wide range of midi dress designs and step out feeling confident as ever. Look mature at the office and gain the respect of others around you with how well you dress to work.

3. Flare Dress
The flare dresses are a must-have for the lady bosses who would like a laid back appearance and still look elegant at the workplace. Tone down your serious character once in a while wearing a nice flare dress especially on the Fridays. Accessorize the flare dress with a trendy statement necklace for that professional hint of style. Show off that soft side and look stunning all day.

Hope you guys enjoy reading and looking forward to more fashion post.