Thursday, August 6, 2015

Birthday Eve & Actual Day

I claim myself as a person who doesn't know or hardly know how to express my thoughts. I am bad in communication with people who are close to me like my family, boyf and friends. I hardly express how lucky I am to have them in my life but it doesn't mean that I am not thankful at all. 

Every birthday makes me realise how lucky and blessed I am. People around me are like a present to me, they are just awesome! Everyone is treating me like the only princess in their hearts, giving me all they can ever offer. I feel blessed, truly blessed. 

Birthday Eve
I had never expected my friends would be showing up and giving me a birthday surprise. Not going to list down each of them because YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! :) Thank you for the surprises and presents, thanks for making me cry at Sushi King. :P I'm too lucky to have them in my Bachelor's Degree life! They made my degree life full of colours and thanks for allowing me to join the gang! Love you guys to the bits! Mwahs~

Birthday Actual Day
Nothing much special on my birthday as final examinations were getting nearer and I didn't have much time to spare to celebrate my birthday. Lol... 
Had my Human Resource Management presentation on that day and it was fine. Bumped into one of my lecturers at college and surprisingly he knew it was my birthday and he wished me Happy Birthday. HAHHAHA
After the presentation, me, the independent girl *ME* went to Queensbay Mall ALONE to redeem my free birthday juice from Boost! :) 

Had a simple birthday dinner at Starview Restaurant with my family and had my favourite ice-cream at my favourite place.

Got the chance to blow 3 cakes this year which means I have 9 wishes in total. :P
I wished for the same thing on the 9 wishes! Wishes come true please! 

Birthday Presents

Presents from Best Boyf.
*except one of the lipstick is from Shadow Lee the BFF*

Words can't describe how surprise I was when I received this present!
感谢感动的话,在那天收到这礼物时就已经跟你讲了。Thank you once again my BFF!

 One of the most special presents I have ever received - Body checkup.
My eldest sis sponsored me to do a body checkup. During the blood test, the practitioner injected 3 times on my arms only she could get my blood. She said my blood vessels are too tiny and it's very difficult to locate them.  The result also shows that I have too little muscle in my body and I was told to do more exercises in order to build up muscles! 

Till then, ciao.


  1. happy buffday!!! :D nice moments!