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Yululuka Head Therapy Spa Treatment, LAD Salon

I was so excited because this was my very first time to be invited to try out the new Yululuka head therapy spa treatment at LAD Salon. It came at the right timing, because I seriously needed to pamper myself after my bloody hell final exams. Thank you so much for the invitation dear LAD Salon. ;)

LAD Salon was so kind, they printed my name, prepared cakes and tea for me. And I was served in the VIP section. So blessed!

YULULUKA // Beauty that comes from fullness comfort that nurtures beauty 
Fullness was once a symbol of pleasantness, and beauty. Imagine all the gifts from nature. Fruits growing in abundance, an endless stretch of rice field waiting to be harvested, varieties of plants growing on a fertile land. And imagine, pleasantly fill and mellow fragrance. These symbols of bountifulness calm our mind and strike us with their sheer beauty. From ancient times and in many cultures, full and beautiful hair has always stood for women's beauty. YULULUKA is designed to offer women timeless and ageless beauty of hair. The endless pursuit for beauty, that comes from fullness and natured by comfort, will bear fruit in here. 

Yululuka head therapy spa treatment consists of total 5 steps which are cleansing, washing, hair treatment, skin condition and hair maintenance. Dearest Corine explained very clearly about every step when she was doing each step. I knew more about the hair spa during the processes. :)

[Remove] Has a soothing and calming effect
The cleansing process conditions the scalp and grows beautiful hair, while massage has a relaxation effect. One thing I would like to say out loud here is, Corine is a good massager!! She made me feel so damn relax when she was massaging my head and scalp! :D 
Sumiremove Paste was used during the cleansing process. It has a deep-cleansing massage paste for the hair and scalp formulated with Sumi - the Japanese bamboo charcoal which has adsorptive and odour eliminating properties. Besides the massage, the best thing I like about the first step is the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus. ;)

[Purify] The base of all hair care steps
The washing process purifies my hair, scalp and frame of mind. Corine chose the Chyprevial Shampoo for me as it is a light-textured shampoo which gives my damaged hair airiness and lightness. Not to mention, it has a calm and soothing aroma of chypre. 

[Nourish] Supplies lots of nutrition the hair needs
It is widely known that hair treatment makes the hair healthy and gives it the silky touch that every woman yearn for. I was using Floranourish treatment during this process. It hydrates heavily damaged and dried-out hair. Well, it was just perfect to my hair as my hair was dried-out due to the final exams and I didn't have much time to take care of my hair. By looking at the name, you can sense the relaxing aroma of floral fragrance. Awwww~

[Scalp care] Scalp also needs nutrition and care
This step is to nourish and hydrate the scalp to keep it healthy and grow beautiful hair by a finishing lotion. Alvitamoist liquid was the finishing lotion used during this process. It is made to moisturise dryness-prone scalp and make it healthy. I thought my hair scalp was oily-prone because it gets oily easily and hence I told Corine so, but she told me otherwise. She told me that my scalp is not the oily type but the dry type, and the oil is generated to protect my scalp. 

[Hair protection] Daily care is the key to keep the hair beautiful
Finally, it came to the last step of the super relaxing hair spa. Hair treatment without hair maintenance is like going out without wearing shoes. The hair maintenance protects hair from everyday damage and makes it look beautiful and healthy. Floraguard Blowmist and Grainmoist Milk were the two products I used in this process. 
Floraguard blowmist is a blow lotion mist to prevent everyday damage and care for the hair. It protects hair from friction caused by brushing and the heat of blow drying. I personally think this product suits me as I always go for hair wash and blow drying and this product can protect my hair. :) 
Granimost milk is a treatment milk which nourishes hair. It makes my hair moisture, easy to control and fresh. 
Both products need to be used before you blow your hair dry. 

Photos below are the result after the amazing hair spa. My hair smelled super good and smooth like silk. Happy girl is happy!! :D

# Me, while waiting Teddy to help me to set my hair. 


Special thanks to Corine and Teddy for making my hair so healthy after the hair spa.  
BIG BIG THANKS to LAD Salon for offering me the chance to try out the brand new hair treatment. I am so flattered!

Good news to my dear readers! There is a Stylist Special Promotion with 50% off *only applicable to TEDDY OOI* from 10th July to 10th August 2015 at LAD SALON!! This offer is available for all hair services except for hair extension and wash & blow styling!!

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