Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Birthday Dinner In Advance @ Uncle Zack By The Beach, Park Royal Hotel

I have a love hate relationship with June this year. 
June used to be my favourite month of the year as it is my birthday month. 
But June this year was slightly different compared to previous years. I couldn't really enjoy much in June, no birthday trip and no grand celebration with my family and friends as my final examinations fell on the first two weeks of July and I needed to prepare for it. :/ Since my birthday was near to finals and I knew I might not have the mood to celebrate it on the actual date so best boyf decided to celebrate it earlier with me. It was another celebration in advance, AGAIN. 

I accidentally ruined one of boyf's plan. We were supposed to reach at 7p.m. in the evening so that we could watch the sunset together and take nice photos but my hair wash appointment dragged my time and so in the end we reached at almost 8p.m. and it was already dark. :/ 

There you go the first surprise of the night...

 # 后车厢的惊喜 ♥♥

Found that we were overdressed because everyone was wearing super relaxing kind of outfit like t-shirts and shorts. But who cares? It's my birthday dinner okay!! :P
To be frank, we didn't really enjoy the dinner because we were late and it was too dark to take nice photos. :/
As for the food, it wasn't superb tasty too, so overall everything was just average but of course not the surprises. :)

# Complimentary bread with butter

# Starter - Grilled chicken breast salad with mangoes and avocado

# Duck Confit

# Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet

Since I was craving for Fruuze frozen yogurt, so we didn't order dessert there.
As usual, present unwrapping time after finishing the meal. I told boyf before not to buy me any present anymore because he just bought me a lipstick from Dior on the end of May and a Ralph Lauren polo tee at KLCC when he was there for his work as my early birthday presents. I am satisfied with both of them already. Dior lipstick and Ralph Lauren polo tee aren't cheap thou!!
I'm not 土豪, I don't have to wear such branded and expensive polo tee but he insisted to buy for me because he remembered that I've mentioned I might not have the chance to wear another Polo by Ralph Lauren because it is fucking expensive for just a polo tee.
When I received the polo tee I was really happy, but I scolded him after that. Well, I stopped nagging him after he said "I thought you'd be happy receiving the present, I thought you'd like it." I like it a lot but it is fucking expensive!! I told him not to buy me such expensive polo tee anymore!

Okay back to topic, he knew that I've fallen in love with Victoria Secret's Bombshell scent after the day he bought me its body mist and I've always mentioned I wanted a perfume of it. I was planning to ask my mum to buy that as my birthday present for me but who knows he got me that perfume!! Tell me how to not love this guy?
Thank you for everything my best boyf! 

Took some photos before leaving the place for Straits Quay. :)
The waiters were all busy and so the only way to take photos of two of us was the self timer! 

There was a customer saw us kept trying to take photos of both of us with the 'Uncle Zack By The Beach' board. He was kind to volunteer himself to help us. :)
There you go the only photo of both of us standing with the Uncle Zack By The Beach board behind. 

Our #OOTN 

Ended our night with Fruuze frozen yogurt and a walk at Straits Quay before going back home. 
The night was silent but not our hearts... :)

Feeling extra blessed and loved that night.
Signing off with my balloons and roses, mwahs~


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