Saturday, July 11, 2015

Best Boyf's Birthday Dinner In Advance @ 32 Mansion

I have done blogging this before my birthday but I didn't publish it.


A sincere apology here to all my readers, sorry for not updating my blog for more than a month. 
I know I'm such an irresponsible blogger, I'm sorry! 
I had got a lot of college stuffs to deal with. Tutorials, tests, and assignments made me lazy to blog even though I had free time because all I wanted was just REST when I was temporary free from those college stuffs.
Finally today the blogging mood kicks in, so here I am blogging now. :P
Feel so sorry to drag this post from April till now. It's already June and it's my birthday month but I just updated best boyf's birthday in April. :/

Back in April...

Apparently we rarely celebrate our birthdays or anniversaries on the actual day because they always fall on weekdays. This year, same as our 3rd anniversary, best boyf's birthday fell on Monday too. So as the same, we decided to celebrate it one day earlier. :)
We were supposed to dine in at 32 Mansion on our 3rd anniversary celebration but eventually cancelled. Not this time, we made an early reservation and it was a wise choice!
The day was raining heavily when we were about to depart in the evening but luckily the rain stopped once we reached 32 Mansion. :)

The ambiance of the restaurant and the night music by Andrew Lim on the piano were just perfect, PERFECT!
The waiter handed us their menu once we were seated. After glancing through the menu, we finally decided to order a set dinner and an a la carte.
The set dinner comes with Mesclun salad with crispy fish & young mango, spicy lemongrass vinaigrette, Soup of the day, Choice of main course (we ordered Grilled chicken with roasted pumpkin, shiitake and foie gras butter), Dessert of the day and Coffee/ Tea.
Seafood aglio olio as the a la carte and Rose Wine and Lemonade as our drinks of that night.

# Impressed by the salad because the dressing is really nice. You won't believe it tastes like Penang Laksa. :P

I requested them to decorate the dessert *a brownie with vanilla ice cream* for best boyf. :P
We were quite awkward when the cake was served actually because I was the only one who sings along with the birthday song music. I dared not to sing too loud as we were not the only customers there. Everyone was looking at us and we both felt shy and awkward seriously. :P

After singing birthday song, making wishes, cutting cake, and eating the cake, finally it's SURPRISE x PRESENT TIME!! Yay yay!!
I actually recorded video when he was opening the first and second presents but I don't know how to combine them into one video so I can't upload it here to share with you guys. :/

Best boyf thought I bought him another perfume as birthday present but he was wrong. :P
He bought himself a Kenneth Cole Man Kind perfume as his own birthday present few weeks before his birthday and he didn't bring it home. Instead, he put it at my place. So I planned to give him a surprise with the perfume too. :P 
I bought him a watch but I made him believe that I bought him perfume from Sephora.

# His victory face because he thought he was right. HAHAH

I don't know how to describe his expression when he was unwrapping the first present and found out it wasn't his present. AHAHAHAH. He was like 'WHAT!? This is my perfume right? Where is my present?' I laughed so so so hard actually. :P
After that, without wasting time, I passed him his real present!! 

Here's his real present. :P
Tears were rolling in his eyes when he was reading the birthday card I wrote for him. I was surprised actually because this is the first time he cried because of my surprise. So can I announce my surprise is a success? :P

Hope you like the small surprise and present baby boy. ♥
Love you endlessly...

My friends always say that my boyf's photograph skill is superb. 
Hello, I train him okay? :P

 Now I'm looking forward to my birthday celebration! :P


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