Wednesday, March 11, 2015

[Spontaneous Mini Escape] Hat Yai 2 days 1 night

Hi guys I'm back again hehehehe... Time flies, new semester is starting already. My 3 months holiday just gone like this wth.

I thought I wouldn't blog about my spontaneous mini escape to Hat Yai because I lost all my photos *read HERE just in case you don't know what happened.* But luckily I did transferred 3 photos from my camera to my phone before I cut and paste to my previous laptop. The rest are all taken by my iPhone. :) 

It was a spontaneous mini getaway actually, lots of thing happened when boyf was outstation in K.L. After he came back, he decided to compensate me for not staying by my side during the suffer week with bringing me to Hat Yai for relaxing both our minds. 

# Us in our high class van. :P

Departed at 8 in the morning and reached Hat Yai at 12 smth. Lucky us didn't spend much of time at the immigration port because that time wasn't very crowded. :) Van driver dropped us at our hotel right after entering Hat Yai region. After refreshing ourselves, we were out to have lunch at McDonald Lee Garden then did some window shopping before having ice-cream at Gelate

I actually took quite a lot of photos at Gelate because I want to made a post which only talk about it but now photos gone means no more. :'( We were first attracted by the design of the shop, the color matching is just same like the dining room of MM, blue and white. ME LOVE! The waitress was so kind, we tired almost half of the flavours they have but she don't even show us her unhappy face. :P Too many flavours to choose to be frank, in the end we went for fruit flavours which were passion fruit and blueberry. Well, we actually chose the wrong flavours, passion fruit and blueberry are way too sour and we shouldn't match them together!! We shall choose one sour and one sweet one next time. :)

Night time, we took a ride of tuk tuk car to have our dinner at a restaurant called η”˜θ‹±ι₯­εΊ—. This restaurant is quite famous in Hat Yai. Thai food we are coming~

Dinner for two. The speed of serving food was faster than we estimated. After ordering, in less than 10 minutes our food was already on the table. :D Thumbs up for this kind of service! The dinner was so cheap, cheaper than we expected. I thought it might have cost us more than 500 Baht but guess what? It was only less than 400 Baht which means less than RM 40 in Malaysia. Tell me where to find such delicious Thai food with such lower price in Malaysia? TELL ME!

# Feeling great after our foot massage. 

Supper time! Continue to eat after our foot massage. :P We wanted to try lots of food but too bad we both only have two stomachs, we couldn't fill in too much or else we would explode. :/

# Grilled squid *Still preferred the one at Gurney Drive.*

# AAA bird nest and longan *I mean the bird nest is AAA :P*

# Fried oyster

# You can see this kind of super huge prawn everywhere in Hat Yai. Not dare to eat thou. :/

# Got 2 bottles of beer from 7-Eleven. I didn't drink anyway, boyf was the one who drank it. :)

The next day, we had breakfast at random old shop nearby the wet market. 

# Mini you zha kuih *Boyf's fav*
 He said this is the reason why he misses Hat Yai so much. Haha...

# Chicken rice that only costed us 35 Baht. Boyf had dried noodles but I forgot to take the photo. 

Tuk tuk car again! Off to the large market after our breakfast to help my mum to buy Zebra's pot.

It's lunch again, time to eat again! Had Thai food as lunch at 59 restaurant *also is the one of the famous restaurant in Hat Yai* before going back to Malaysia.

# Madly in love with the coconut in Hat Yai because the juice and the flesh of coconut are so sweet. Yumms ;)

Almost fell asleep at 59 restaurant because we were too tired, the weather at the time was so chilly and the wind was so breeze. Ahhhh, we could barely open our eyes. I told boyf, wake me up when September ends, HAHAAHHA

B's Sweet was our last stop before we came back to Malaysia. Well, Hat Yai has actually improved a lot. Last time when I was here I didn't even see this kind of cafe. I think B's Sweet is one of the nicest restaurant in Hat Yai in terms of the cafe design. 

# Mango waffle
I WANT TO HAVE IT NOW!! :'( It tastes great, really. Plus, the price is reasonable.

# Stuffs I have got from this trip. Just ignore the 2 tumblers btw, they are melted. *bad quality tumblers that charged higher price.* Minnie Mouse's contact lens case and one of the mascaras is for sister. So, I only got mascara actually.

End this post with my selfie. :)
Looking forward to visiting Hat Yai again. 


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