Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recent Hauls x Make Up Hauls

It has been a long time since I share about my hauls, the first and the latest was last year in May *click HERE if you haven't read it yet*. I have stopped talking about my hauls for almost a year. Well, partly is I'm not really purchase a lot of thing in a month. *laughs* Doing this post, I'm not trying to show off to be frank, I'm just trying to share, to bring informations for you guys. :)

The most expensive purchase of mine in recent is my Mac Book Air 13-inch. :) If you're my readers, my friends you probably knew that my previous laptop was spoiled and I lost all the photos in my hard disk. I sold off my previous laptop at a very low price because I knew fixing it would cost me a lot. After researching for more than 5 times about which laptop I should go for, in the end I chose Mac Book Air. 
Why Mac Book Air? The weight has already attracted me. It is so lightweight, it is just 1.35 kg, compared to Mac Book Pro, it is so much lighter. Also, it will be more easy for me to bring it to school or bring it when I want to blog at outside with the 12 hours battery life. :) 
Switching from Windows to Apple, it took me some time to learn how to use it. But I think I'm okay now as I'm slowly getting used to it. :) 

# All in sliver color. ^^

Not to forget to mention, I just got it a new casing in pink color last few days. Now my mac book is protected and not naked anymore. :)

Since the first day I started to drive, I've always wanted to get a new pair of shades to protect my eyes from the hot sun when I'm driving. After numerous of searchings for the suitable one, I finally got myself a Ray-Ban Aviator. I was looking for the one with purple lens screen but it was hard to find so I got myself in green colour in the end. Tried McQueen's and I really love it, it was so stylish and suited my face shape but too bad it was heavy, heavier than Ray-Ban Aviator. Since I'm going to wear it in long term of course I will go for the lighter weight. :) Before buying this shades I met a lot of problems. It was either out of stock or the discount period had ended. But good things come to those who wait right? I got it at another optical shop located at Gurney Paragon with lower price compared to other optical shops at other shopping malls. :) 
Well, boyf got one for himself too. I like his as well, G15 lens!! So comfy to wear!! :)

Here comes the cosmetic part. 
Another cosmetic product has come across in my cosmetic list. ^^ When you have been out for the all day and your face started to become oily. At the moment, you really need something to rescue your face, retouching your make up. I always do a lot of researches when I really want to buy certain things. 
I want to get a handy retouching make up powder for me to bring it out and won't take me a big space in my bag when I'm outside. Impossible for me to bring my loose powder with me right? Went for so many brands outlet to try and non of it attract me. :/

Last Saturday I went to M.A.C with boyf to check out the Cinderella's cosmetic series because the packing really caught my eyes. But surprisingly, the Cinderella's series failed to attract me. Instead, this Definding Powder definitely caught my eyes. :) 
It comes in 8 shades and I think there's only one word can describe this product perfectly which is - LIGHT. The coverage is barely there and it is really sheer. If you're same like me, not a person who likes to use a lot of powder then I'm sure you would love it. But one thing I'm not satisfying about this product is, it doesn't provide powder puff and doesn't have a spot for powder puff to put also. It makes touching up a little harder. :/

I just threw away my previous lip balm because I felt it didn't work on my lips. Because of this, I had an urge to get a new one. Yes, I'm still using Dior lip maximizer but I don't always bring it out, when I don't, this lip balm saves me as I always keep it in my bag. :) 
In 2 It lip treat, I didn't really know this brand until the Guardian's promoter introduced this to me. She said this brand's lip balm is not bad and she's using it too and asked me to give it a try since I don't know which brand of lip balm I should go for *The promoter realize I was in dilemma choosing which brand of lip balm at the lip balm department that time when she was tidying the stocks.* 
Since the lip balm isn't really expensive so why not I give it a try? :) 

 In 2 It lip treat is tested to a sun protection level of SPF 20 against UVB rays and PA++ against UVB rays. It is available in 4 shades and fragrances and I chose the one in color and fragrance of vanilla. 

I'm obsessed with lipsticks and I claim myself as a lipsticks collector, how can I not get the Dior newly released lip gloss formula called Rouge Dior Brilliant Lipshine & Care Couture Colour. I got one for myself in colour 263 Swan. When I first saw this I have fallen in love with it. The packaging, the colour, just everything. I know Dior cosmetics will never let me down. Well, I'm not starting to use it yet as I just got it yesterday. Gonna try it out soon and probably make a review about it? We will see then. ;)

The second last one would be my restock items, they are also from Dior. 
From left to right, Youth Essential Hydrating Essence-In-Lotion in 2 (Rich), Instant Cleaning Water with Pure Lily Extract (Face and eyes), Instant Eye Make Up Remover with Pure Lily Extract (Non oily) and the last one on the toner and face remover is Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. 
The Dior addict lip maximizer needs no introduction since I've blogged about it on my make up hauls last time. The other 3 items are new in my blog and to you guys too. I've been using them for more than 3 years already and they are really good to my skin. :)

Speaking about the face and eyes remover, I think Dior's is the best! 
For the eyes remover, it removes all the eye make up quickly and effectively *YES, even waterproof mascara*. For the face remover, I just need to use with just a cotton pad to remove all makeup. You've got to try it to believe how great it works! :D

About the hydrating lotion, it is a rich, nourishing toning lotion with a clean & fresh texture. It helps 
to moisture our skin, boost skin antioxidant capacity. Besides that, it also make our skin appears soft, bright, radiant & refreshed after using it. Highly recommend for dry skin user, it is just PERFECT!

The last one is my new iPhone bumper. The bumper makes my iPhone 5S looks like iPhone 6!:P  It has the only feature I am looking for from iPhone casing: lightweight!



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  2. Oh, Do share with us your bag collection. Your style is awesome :)

    1. Hi Princess, I will make it soon alright. :)
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  3. Hi MingMing, I like your sharing post. May I know how much you bought the RayBan sunglasses? What is the name of the optical shop? Wish to buy a pair like yours. :)

    1. Hi Celine, I got it from Useen optical shop at Gurney Paragon and it only cost me 500+. :)

  4. I finally got my hands on the 13-inch Macbook Air as well but i got the 256gb or something instead of the cheaper one?? because it was the last one... T_T but I'm glad of it ;P
    Plus, its amazingly freaking light!!!!! ><