Sunday, March 8, 2015

iPrice - Your One Stop Shopping Destination

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Hi readers! There's a good news I would like to share with you guys. I have found an one stop shopping destination which I think is convenient to all of you.

When there are more and more retailers going virtual and new online stores setting-up, online shoppers like me always tend to get lost in the shopping jungle. There are literally thousands of different websites and millions of different products updated everyday and hence, a one stop shopping destination would be a saviour!

Luckily, I have found my saviour: iPrice.
iPrice is an e-commerce company focusing on helping online shoppers to save money while they shop, as well as providing product information about different brands. Besides offering fashion products, iPrice has got many other categories as well. When you are looking for products, iPrice helps to find the products and transfers you to the affiliated e-commerce websites to buy the products you want.

In order to match the products with customers' preferences, iPrice aggregates and gathers all the products and brands from the most trusted e-commerce stores in Asia and all over the world onto one platform. While iPrice is still expanding its business model, it already has got thousands of brands associated with it. You name it, they have it!

Moreover, iPrice will put relevant sales, offers and promotions alongside the products browsed by you. iPrice will also curate your individual shopping preferences if you provide iPrice your information.
When you are lost track in the fast-moving fashion styles, the editorial team of iPrice will pull together the latest fashion for you, or simply follow the community of the enthusiastic shoppers of iPrice. :)

Besides that, iPrice also has coupons from its affiliates such as Zalora and Lazada. The coupons can be used to purchase in the iPrice shop. *scream out loud*

The days of opening multiple of tabs on your browser trying to find a product and spending hours to compare the best price are no more. 
iPrice is your one stop shopping destination. :)

Head on to now! 


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