Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3rd Anniversary Celebration @ Macalister Mansion Dining Room ♥

Our 3rd anniversary has already passed by more than a month but now I only started to blog about it. :( 
It's our 3rd anniversary post and I don't want to make it as a photo diary with only a few sentences. I want to jot down everything that happened on that day, so that in the future I can view back and recap everything about our 3rd anniversary celebration. :) 

Our 3rd anniversary fell on Monday which best boyf needed to work so we decided to celebrate it a day earlier before the actual date. I actually did some research of the dining places and we even reached a consensus to dine in at 32 Mansion. By the time best boyf called to make a reservation, the staff told us that they would have private function, so they were not open for public. :/ Because of this, we changed our dinner place to Five 27. My second elder sister has been to Five 27 and she suggested me not to wear too grand as she said the restaurant isn't that suitable for long dresses. I didn't want to make myself to look like a weirdo so I told boyf that I'm not going to wear dress anymore, I'm just gonna wear a pair shorts with a blouse only. But boyf insisted to want me to wear dress, I didn't know why. He even said in a serious tone if I don't wear dress I will definitely regret after!! WOAH. I didn't want to see my boyf disappointed and I didn't want make myself regret too so I wore a dress with heels and clutch to attend the dinner. 

I'm not very familiar with Penang's road but I still remember how to go Five 27. I was curious whether we were using the correct route to go Five 27 so I asked boyf. He said he had checked Waze just now, the road that I know how to go to Five 27 was having terrible traffic congestion so he changed to another way to go. I was like okay as long as you are not going to drive me to somewhere else to sell me off. HAHAH.

When we were approaching, I noticed something was wrong. It wasn't the route going to Five 27 but Macalister Mansion!! Yes, his surprise ONE has achieved! *clap clap for him.* I was so surprise!! We actually talked about dining here but at the end of our discussion I said no, because I know fine dining is way too expensive. >.<

Okay, the end of my grandmother story. Lol.

# Surprise TWO is in the picture - ROSES! I have asked him not to buy flowers for me anymore because I feel it is wasting money. In fact, I actually asked him to buy me balloons to replace flowers if he really wanted to buy me flowers. :P But he couldn't find a helium-balloon shop across the strait, so he secretly bought a bouquet of roses for me. :)

I'm so in love with all the settings and designs of Macalister Mansion. It's just simple but very grant. Love how they match the colour of white and light blue. <3

Love the interior decoration in the living room. Every angle shot from the camera was just fine, no extra tuning needed.

Enough with the description of the ambience, gonna talk about the food now! Yay yay! 

# Compliment dish
The starter comes with the bread and butter first, there are 3 kinds of breads toasted to crispy.
And the other two I have forgotten what are their names, all I can remember is the taste. The taste is as nice as the setting. ^^

# Starter - Sesame butternut 
Macalister Mansion didn't turn us down by serving us this excellent food. The scallops were so fresh and the cheese crackers were so aromatic.

We were already impressed only by the starter, it made us even more excited for the main courses. :D

# Sherbet
Love the texture of the sherbet, it wasn't too sweet nor too sour. The sherbet is served before the main courses are served to clear the taste and smell in your oral so that you can enjoy your main course.

*Main course*

# Boyf's pick - Chicken 
The chicken breast was cooked and matched with balsamic sauce. The meat was so tender and soft.

# My pick - Duck confit
The duck drumstick was roasted to perfection. The flesh was very aromatic and it melted instantly when I chewed it.

# Dessert - Salt & Passion Fruit Brownie
The brownie combined with ice-cream = perfect. Despite we didn't taste any passion fruit, I still love this dish!

After finishing our food, it's time for our little present-exchange session. I handmade a card for boyf with a photo of us at Edinburgh as cover! Nice right? :P It's been awhile for me to hand-make a card for him after he came back from UK. 
A simple 3D love pop out with lots of small loves surrounding. I really hope he likes the little surprise from me. :) Not to forget to mention, SuperDry polo tee as the 3rd anniversary present. Boyf doesn't want to me to spend on the present as he said i'm still a student, I don't have any income. But then I still bought him something. The price might not be high, the present might not be the best but all it got is my loves! 

# Look at his expression while reading the card! Me love it! *I wrote quite a lot in the card actually*

Its my turn now. Surprise THREE, never knew that boyf will bought me Kate Spade Saturday's bag!! Malaysia doesn't have its outlet, probably he got it online, I not sure. I asked him, but he doesn't want to say. By the way, I love love love it so muchhhhhhhhh~ Thank you baby boy, you never failed to surprise me! Mwahs.

Took some photos before we left. Madly in love with the white buildings!

# My 3rd anniversary presents. ^^
Surprise FOUR, on the left, the Sephora *Benefit Porefessional face primer* was an extra anniversary present. Best boyf bought it secretly and passed for me on our 3rd anniversary actual date. Yay for another surprise. ;)

Thank you my best boyf for the dinner, surprises and of course your unconditional LOVE!
Love you endlessly my bee man.
Hugs and kisses x99999 only for you! 

Macalister Mansion Dining Room
Phone Number: 04-2283 888 / 012-632 7729
Address: 228 Macalister Road, 10400 George Town, Penang.


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