Tuesday, February 10, 2015

XIAOMI Ultra-thin Power Bank from Mem_Store

While smartphones are conquering the world, it means long-battery-standby-time era has ended. I bet most of you have a power bank in your bag when you're going out! Yes, I can't imagine how to survive without a power bank. :P When your phone is almost dead, power bank is here to save your phone's life! 
Mem_Store, Selling top quality mobile accessories product with BEST PRICE!! COD and POS LAJU are available.wholesale service available and feel free for enquiry.
Good news for you my readers, if you're looking for a thin and lightweight power bank, XIAOMI Ultra-thin power bank definitely will be your choice! 

Its design is very sleek and convenient for me to keep it in my small bag.️ :) Besides that, its weight is  lighter than other power banks, so you won't feel like you're carrying a rock!! 

 The power bank comes with a cable and introduction book. Look at the size, it is just slightly larger than my iPhone 5S!! 

Mem_Store isn't only selling power banks and screen protectors but also phone casings in a very affordable price. Hesitate no more, buy it now from Mem_Store!! 
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