Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 My blog always filled with good foods. :P
Tell me who doesn't love good food? I admit I am one of them, and since you are reading this, I guess you are same with me! :D 

Last week I was invited by TAO to try out their new menu. To be frank, I had only been to TAO once excluding this time. It was not because I don't like their food, it's because they're providing buffet and people who can't eat much like me just can't get to try all the food I want. :/ But but butttttt, now I don't care anymore I'm gonna eat eat eat try my best to eat what I want to eat because their foods are just too YUMMY!! 

TAO AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE the Upscale restaurant that offer ALL- U- CAN- EAT buffet with full table service, focusing on quality rather than on price. The restaurant includes specialties such as Japanese, Chinese, Thailand, and other foreign or ethnic food. Tao restaurant with 300 pax sitting capacity is catering for special occasions such as birthday, Family gathering, anniversaries, banquets, special event, receptions and meetings.

The new menu has impressed me a lot as everything just looks so tempting!! 
I've written a lot and you must be bored already. Let's stop the crap and let the photos do the talking.

# Spicy Hamaguri
Stir fried clam with thai spicy sauce.

# Kimchi Ika
Stir fried squid with kimchi.

# Shirasu
Deep fried whitebait topped with salt & pepper.

# Hiyashi Udon
Cold udon noodles with soy based sauce.

# Hot Spicy Chicken
Deep fried chicken topped with hot spicy sauce.

# Spicy Tsubu
Stir fried escargot with spicy sauce.

# Smoked Duck
Pan-fried duck breast with garlic sauce.

# Shake Don 
Cooked salmon fillet served with rice.

# Unagi Don
Grilled eel served with rice.

# 3-Cup Squid 
Stir fried squid with basil leaf & 3-cup sauce.

# Tofu Kimchi
Deep fried japanese tofu with kimchi.
The taste of tofu kimchi is very sour and spicy. Very delightful and very appetizing!

# Snapper 
Panfried snapper with chef's special sauce.
The fish is very fresh and the sweetness of the flesh just can't stop spreading in my mouth.

# Shrimp patties 
Fried shrimp patties with chives.

Sushi provided at TAO is very special and unique, they are different from the sushi you can find in other Japanese restaurants. I hadn't tried them before and they did not disappoint me at all!

# Hana Sushi
Salmon flake, Cucumer, Spring Onion, Burikake.

# Cheese Maki
Ebi, Tamago, Cheese.

# Yam roll
Yam, Tamago, Osinko, Cucumber, Chicken floss, Mayonnaise.
*Best to eat without soya sauce.*

# Ippon
Egg, Cucumber, Kani stick, Lettuce & cream cheese wrapped with Vietnamese rice paper.

# Chef's Special Maki
Kani stick, cucumber, chicken floss, mayonnaise.

# Crunchy Roll
Deep fried sushi roll with fish, topped with wasabi mayo.

# U-Maki 
Unagi, Mayonnaise, Sesame seed & Cucumber wrapped with Egg seaweed.

I forgot what's the name of this dish, but it is indeed very exquisite.

P/S: Although TAO is a buffet-style restaurant and it allows you to eat all-you-can, but it doesn't mean that you can waste food. :) 

For your information, TAO will be closing on the first day of CNY and will be back to business on evening of 19 Feb. :)

And you now can get to try out the new menu at all TAO branches. Bon Appetite! 

TAO 道 Authentic Asian Cuisine & Lounge Autocity, Juru
Phone Number: 04 501 7826
Address: 1820-f1 & 1822-f1, Jalan Perusahaan Autocity, 
North South Highway, Juru Interchange
13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Website: CLICK

TAO 道 Sunway Giza 
Phone Number: 03-61482826 / 61483826

TAO 道 Penang Times Square 
Phone Number: 04 228 5826


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