Thursday, February 12, 2015

Penang Time Square CNY Bazaar 槟城时代广场新春市集

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and have you gotten your new year outfits already? Penang Time Square definitely have what you want! :) Good news for Penang lang, Penang Time Square will be having weekend bazaar every week from 7 Feb 2015 until further notice. If you haven't bought your CNY clothes, you really need to pay a visit to Penang Time Square, now!!

The Penang Times Square is one of the most unique shopping havens in the northern region. We have thousands of shoppers visiting us daily and we take extra care in ensuring everyone’s needs are looked after. That’s why we place dedicated professionals in various areas and departments making sure we do not compromise our service standards.

 There is a female section as well as a male section. There are various famous brands at the weekend bazaar and the prices are all very affordable. :)



Excitement for people who are Chinese Chess fanatics, you can come and join the Chinese Chess contest and play against competitors and improve your skills. It is pretty challenging as each person only have 30 mins to play, which means you cannot spend too much time to think which step to play. :P

# Some antique yet cute Chinese Chess are selling there too. ^^

Besides clothes, you need accessories to complete your CNY OOTD. There are some cute mini stalls just beside the stage selling unique accessories. :) I like how the stalls to be set and it actually attracted me a lot because I can always find some unique yet cute little things in it. It's just like what people said, good things come in tiny package. You can find earrings, customized bracelet and unique accessories at these mini stalls.

Guess that you guys are not strange with Dreamland Bazaar right? YES, it is located at Penang Time Square too! Girls out there please scream!! Dreamland is a bazaar that gathers all the famous online shops in Penang at one place. This is so convenient to we girls because the fear of not knowing the materials, sizes and cuttings of fancy clothes when shopping virtually is no more! We get to see the real stock, try on it and know the quality of the clothes before buying. :D

Penang Time Square is full of Chinese New Year atmosphere. Red lanterns hanging around and Chinese New Year songs playing at the background all the time. AWW I just can't wait and looking forward to Chinese New Year already!! :D 

Penang Time Square
Phone number: 04 210 9020
Address: 77-4B-1, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato' Keramat, 
10150 George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Website: CLICK 


  1. I so wish I'm in Penang. Looks like a lot of major sales going on!
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