Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hameediyah Restaurant @ Campbell Street

Are you bored of having the same dishes like steamboat, barbecue, and Chinese cuisine during Chinese New Year? Why not try something new during this CNY? Hameediyah restaurant is promoting new dishes only for this Chinese New Year.

# Deep fried fish head curry.
Unlike the fish head curry at other places where the fish head is cooked directly in the curry. At Hameediyah, the fish head is first deep fried to get the fish head crispy, and then only dipped into boiling curry in a large clay pot. The dish is cooked upon order so the freshness is guaranteed. Deep fried fish head curry is served for 4 persons and 6 persons. Each served with white rice.

# Spicy king prawn curry
Spicy! Spicy! Spicy! This king prawn curry is so spicy that I can't handle the hotness! Each pot is served with two king prawns and the prawns are bigger than my hand! Like the fish head curry, the dish is served with white rice too.

# Prawn biryani
Hameediyah is serving the first prawn biryani rice in Penang. The rice is cooked with prawn shell oil to get aroma of prawns and the prawns are salted with herbs and spices. Each spoon is the perfect combination of prawn and biryani rice.

This promotion is only available on Chinese New Year! Don't miss out before it's too late! 
Let's go to Hameediyah now! 


Hameediyah Restaurant
Phone Number: 04- 261 1095
Address: No. 164 A, Campbell Street, Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hours:  Hours: 11am-11pm (Opens daily)


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