Monday, February 16, 2015

Elmural Cafe

I bet cafe hunters must be very exciting about this post! YES YES, there is a new cafe in town again!! :D It is Elmural Cafe and it has been opening since November '14.

Penang street mural is the trademark of Penang and I guess most of you have known it. Tourists come to Penang to check out the street murals on the walls in the heritage area. However, the weather of Penang is scorching hot, and it is torturing to search for the murals under the hot sun, especially when the tourists are not familiar with the streets and the murals are far from each other.

Elmural Cafe, the SEEN and UNSEEN MURALS.

Elmural Cafe is a cafe that serves good food and provides the replica of the street murals. The owner has taken the photos of the street murals, combined them altogether and posted them on the wall of the cafe with 1:1 ratio. Also, it mainly focuses on pork dishes and gelato so you can get to try something new which is totally different with other cafes in Penang. :) To look special and unique, the boss even designed its logo in a pig shape and added a cone ice cream in it. The logo is so simple but yet describes Elmural Cafe perfectly. 

The ambiance is fine so are their food and drinks!! 

# *left to right* Imported Latte, Cappucino and Chocolate. 

*left to right* Iced honey lemon, Orea milk shake and Orange juice.

# Soup of the day // Mushroom soup.
Served with toasted croutons, the wild mushroom soup is thick and creamy.

# Lamb chop with yogurt mint sauce.
I am not a big fan of mutton because I've always thought lamb is smelly and body temperature will get higher after eating it. But this lamb chop is really impressive! The meat is so tender and it doesn't taste weird dipped into yogurt mint sauce.

# Pork ribs baked with hot chipotle sauce.
One of the specialties! Have you imagined pork ribs in spicy taste? Well this ribs are going to blow your mind away. The ribs are baked in perfection with spicy chipotle sauce but yet the meat is very tender. You will crave for more!

# Leftover pork salad.
Don't be freaked out with the name "leftover", the taste is as amazing as the freshly roasted pork! I personally like the sesame sauce as its dressing. :)

# Pork ribs roasted with cheesy tops
Another unpredictable combination. The cheese is roasted justly to cover all over the ribs. The taste of ribs and cheese... Mmh!

# Pork shoulder chops with brownie sauce.
The meat is rather stiff but the brownie sauce is so aromatic!

No matter how much girls eat, there is always a space in every girl's stomach to fill with desserts! :P Ice-cream after dinner is just a fine selection. Elmural Cafe's gelato is a good choice for girls. The gelato is homemade by the boss's friend and the flavours are very special.

# Italian coffee with espresso base (back)/ Calamansi with tea base (front)
Two of these gelato desserts are affogato-typed, with ice-cream dipped in espresso, tea, and milk bases.
Italian coffee is very aromatic and rich.
The calamansi is a sour sorbet which is mouth-watering!

# Chocolate chili, Oreo & White chocolate
"Chocolate with chili?! Are you kidding me?! Isn't the combination weird?!" 
"No it actually tastes rich chocolaty at first, and the spicy comes after your swallow."
Oreo and white chocolate gelato are so creamy and tasty.

Elmural Cafe
Phone Number: 04- 262 0933
Address: 83, Cintra Street, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 11.30am -3pm; 6pm-10pm (Close on Tuesdays)


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