Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[Mini Escape] 31102014 ; Flamingo Hotel Penang

I hope I'm not too late to wish you all HNY here. Time really flies, it's already 6th of January now wtf, few more days left and I'm going back to college again. Gahhhh -.- Although it's only MPU classes but I still don't like it. 

I was planning to post this before 2014 ends, but I kept it in draft until now which is already 2015 lol.
Back in October in 2014, after I done with all my assignments and tests, before I started to to prepare for my final exams and best boyf started a new job, he decided to make a mini escape for both of us to relax ourselves before we started fighting fighting!!  
It was an awesome day, we did some shopping at Gurney Plaza before we checked in the hotel. Superdry was opened not long ago at that time and yeah if you know me you'd know I like like like Superdry tee so much!! Blame the best boyf haha because he's the one who bought my first Superdry and made me fall in love with the brand. :P After spending more than RM300, I finally got my own member card of Superdry. Yay yay I don't have to borrow from my sister anymore next time if I want to buy things from Superdry.

About the hotel, boyf had done quite a lot of researches. Some of them did not provide breakfast, some of them were far from the ideal place, and some of them were fully booked. Luckily, Flamingo Hotel fulfilled our needs, located at Tanjung Bungah and a beach just behind it.
Checked in and I love our room so much because it's a sea view room!! We had some rest, watched tv and before going to the beach. Silly boyf told me he left his slippers in the car and he needed to go get it. I felt a little annoyed because he left me alone in the room but who knew he came back with a bouquet of roses AWWWW!!! So sweet of him right? :P 
Little surprise from best boyf which put a smile on my face whole day, I felt so loved! Thank you! ♥♥

Took some photos of me, with our beautiful sea view room and my lovely roses before going for sun kisses. :)

Shades on, sunblock applied, all setted up and here we go BEACH!!

 Best boyf happily digging in pool while I was busying taking selfies. We both enjoyed it! :D

We were so lucky that day because the sun wasn't that hot which made me happier and girl like me willing to go to the beach as second round chilling after the first round chilling beside the pool.
Lying on the sling chair and looking at the blue sky while enjoying the sea breeze. LIFE IS GOOD!
Drinking the orange juice that I think was the most expensive orange juice in my life so far, playing sands, taking pictures to keep as memories, and laughing at jokes. SO LOVED!

Back to our room before the sky turns dark and prepared to go for dinner. 
Settled down our dinner at Uncle Albert Straits Quay as we had been wanted to give it a try since it opened when I was still studying diploma at TARUC. 
We ordered set dinner which came with soup and drinks. The foods were out of our expectation, everything was so fine so great. Definitely will go back again. :D

# Uncle Albert's homemade soup.

# Boyf's, Fish & chips.

# Mine, Roasted chicken leg 1/4.

Fruuze is the dessert shop I must go whenever I'm at Straits Quay. 
There are various brands of frozen yogurt I've tried before but still Fruuze is my favorite! 
For me, it is the best among all the frozen yogurts I can get in Penang. :)

It was Halloween on that day, instead of going to party at the night after dinner, we wandered around Straits Quay, held hands tightly and realized how lucky we are because we have each other side by side before going back to hotel. :)

The next day, we woke up earlier than usual just because we wanted to have the buffet breakfast provided by the hotel. When I opened my eyes and I could see a beautiful scenery just right in front of me. The sky was so blue, the clouds were so white. I felt so blessed and wonderful with my best companion staying beside me. 

There were a lot of choices for the buffet breakfast but too bad I forgot to take any photo. :/
Time to say good bye to Flamingo Hotel and best boyf brought me to Baptain G hotel to have my hair wash before having our movie,

# Before our movie starts - Love, Rosie.

Looking forward to our next mini escape!! WHEN WHEN WHEN??? :P

Flamingo Hotel Penang
Phone Number: 04-892 7111
Address: Tanjong Bungah, Pulau Pinang

Uncle Albert Fish & Chips Penang
Phone Number: 04-890 3407
Address: 3A-G8, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Penang.
Business Hours: 11am – 11pm (Daily)