Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Black & White

Hi guys, I know my blog is pretty boring recently cause I don't really talk much about my Singapore trip. Those posts about my Singapore trip are more like photo diary post than wordy post. Partly is because I almost forget some details and other reason is I'm lazy. :/ 
Well, not going to share about my day 4 in Singapore today. Today I just feel like sharing my thoughts with you all. :)

Last week was so terrible to me. Boyf outstation to K.L, I had a little war with my family, many things happened in a sudden and many thoughts were running in my brain. But thanks god, the though week has passed, boyf is back from K.L and not leaving me anymore, cold war with family has ended. But, still some of the things are not yet settle down. I mean my own thing, or should I said THINK?

I admit I'm a person who are way too easy to get affected. May be a question asked by a random person or words from some one of my closer one or... Yes, sometime I took it too serious. :/ I try to control myself, I know sometime they are not mean that but I just can't. I don't have high IQ and EQ like what I always mention in front of my boyf. I always said I'm so stupid cause I'm in age of 22 and sometime I still don't know how to handle my emotion. I feel so sorry to myself. :'( I'm dumb enough to make myself suffer for unnecessary things and hurt the people who love me!

Talking about my life, pretty boring. I'm just like having sem break now even though I'm taking MPU subject during this 3 months semester break. Not much to talk about the MPU subject, its just like we paid RM1000 to sit at home. -.- Tell me why you charged so expensive?? So, we just need to attend the first 2 classes of the beginning of the semester and the last 2 classes before this semester ends then BYE BYE! Of course, this MPU subject is not that easy too, we need to do some community services, hand up report to lecturer and make a presentation. Just we don't have to go to school to attend classes, we just need to complete the community services. Most of the people said its pointless, but what to do? We have no choice. #Malaysiastudents

Basically, I'm really free and I rather to have class everyday than rotting at home. People complain about why I just don't go to find a part time job to kill the time and yet can earn money at the same time. I thought it was so easy to find a part time job until I'm doing then I know, its not easy. Or may be you can judge me as a picky. Joined the group named Findbulous Jobs Penang on Facebook and actually I found not much jobs that are suitable me. Part of the jobs are quite okay but the location are inconvenient to me as I'm living in Butterworth and most of the jobs are in Penang. It might be a little inconvenient to me as I need to travel to Penang to work and after calculating, may be the money I earn couldn't cover back my toll and petrol fee too. :/ Its almost February and soon I need to go back to college and start my class already, tell me who is willing to hire a person who only can work for a month? Plus, CNY is around the corner and I don't wish to work during CNY. Tell me who wants to hire me? :'(  I didn't ask pocket money from my parents, I will only ask when I needed. I spend quite wise cause I know money is hard to earn. I feel so broke sometime, even if I really wanted to buy something, I didn't buy on the spot. I will discuss with my boyf and keep on asking myself, do I really need it. 
Dear jobs and money, why you just can't fall from the sky just for me? :'(
I'm so broke now! 
#morebloggerjobsformeplease :'(

Having so much of free time doesn't really fun, I don't know who to ask to hang out with me. Sad story right? Open my contact list, seriously I couldn't find a person to date. Most of them are working, studying in KL or having their own life. Or partly is because I'm staying in mainland and most of them are from Penang, another inconvenient case. -.- I feel myself very pity cause I seem like all alone. </3 I actually make a plan that I must at least finish 2 books in a month, but what I've finished was only one book. :/ I feel so lazy so lazyyyyyyyy please I don't know what's the reason too. I just left my TFIOS on the side table and I can lie on my bed pressing phone all day long. #killmeplease #motivationofreadingwhereareyou #addictedtophone

Another questions that I've been receiving from my friend are - 为什么你还没有睡?为什么那样迟了你还不睡?They were surprised cause they know since the day I born I always sleep before 12am. HAHA. But no more after I started my degree. I don't know, my brain tend to become more active at night which is quite annoy to me! I want to sleep before 12 but I just couldn't fall asleep. :'( Sleep late and wake up late, I hate to being like this.
I want to change! I really hope I can change this bad habit!! 

I guess that's all for now. Thank you my dear blog, at least I have a place to vent or should I say to speak out instead of vent? :)

There are so much more I wanted to say but something is just too public to say here, so I choose to keep in my heart. 因为有时候你说出来,听的人没感觉,反而是在看你的笑话。


I need to tell myself these everyday!!
Alright its almost 12.30am, time to sleep now. Bye my dear readers! *no sure there's people reading my blog or not* #laugh

First longest post in 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

16122014 ; Universal Studio Singapore

Day 3

Thought visit USS during weekdays will be less crowded but actually nothing different from weekdays and weekends, there were still a lot of people. Tied my hair into a bun and act like a Japanese or Korean wtf hahahahaha... No la, it was hot okay!
Spent whole day at USS, watched amazing shows, played some fun games and also bought some souvenirs. :) 

Guys, enjoy the photos~  

# Stupid staff wasn't willing and friendly enough to help us take photo. Look at my feet!! >:(

Universal Studio Singapore
Website: CLICK

Monday, January 19, 2015

15122014 ; Singapore Zoo

Day 2

Cousins are working at Singapore Zoo so we got free ticket to enter it and visit all the precious animals! :D It was a sunny day and if you're going I suggest you to bring umbrella and sunglasses with you cause they can help you to cover the sun. Oh ya, not to forget, if you are not wish to get tanned after exposing under the sun, please wear long pants or long sleeve. I'm the example of not wearing long pants or long sleeve, in the end my skin became browner urgg! :( 

Not going to introduce all the animals as some of them I don't even know what are their names. :P
Watched the animal show which was pretty excited. Performers carried snacks, monkeys and many many more animals. They are way too cute AWW! 

# Baby Jayden from Liverpool!! The first time we met and also the last time. :'(

Moved to River Safari to visit Jia Jia and Kai Kai after that. :D
It was so so so so cold the Giant Panda Forest since you know pandas need cold weather. Bought few key chains at the House of Jia Jia and Kai Kai *the souvenior shop* cause I just can't resist the cuteness of pandas. :P
Had rest at the panda restaurant before we off to Orchard. The taste of coffee and buns are not that important, the point is the PANDA FACE!! 

We don't have enough of time to shop at Orchard cause there have too many of shopping malls!! I don't even get to visit Laduree. :'( Nvm nvm, next time okay!

Singapore Zoo
Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
Website: CLICK

Orchard Road
Website: CLICK