Thursday, December 4, 2014

Recent me.

Seriously, I've no idea what to blog or how to start a sentence now. :/ Brain stuck!
What you want to know about me? My recently life? 

Have been stop blogging for one month plus due to the fucking final exam. My blog was dead, no updates and no readers. I need to put my blog aside because I really don't have extra time for my blog. I'm not good in time management, I can't handle both together. I'm sorry! :'(

Life is miserable during final exam period. I felt like I live like a zombie, sleep at 1am every night *1am is maximum ald I won't burn midnight oil like others.* What I do everyday was - wake up, breakfast, revision, lunch, revision, dinner, cry, revision then sleep. Yes, cry is included. I cry every night in front of my boyf, told him how stress I am, seriously no joke! What to do? I was too stress, I don't know what to do besides crying. Told you I can't handle stress well. Kill me please. 

Boyf said I see final exam like a big deal, like if I don't do well, I might die. He said final exam is just like 0.4837647 part of our whole life, why can I just face it positively? This question has no answer from me. I don't know why can I stress till this level. Because environment? Affected by people around me? I don't know. I feel sad and unhappy everyday, my boyf never seen me smile like usual. He came to find me everyday after his work just to make sure I'm alright and give me some motivation. But all I gave him was :'( this face everyday! I'm sorry my best boyf. 

I hate final exam, it makes me stress like hell, no time for boyf, family and friends. :/ But, all these are needed to be scarified during final exam period. I felt guilty when I press phone, no update on ig, twitter and facebook. I think people who are not close with me might think that the reason when I MIA for so long is I went for plastic surgery. *laugh*

Well, till now I'm still in stress but not that stress like last few days lol as I have just left one paper to go, which fall on this Saturday. After this Saturday I can FLY! Well, wanted to record down everything when I was preparing for final but I dont want and I hate to recall back it as its just a pain for me. :/ Perhaps I just need to let it pass as it has passed. I worry too much right? -.-

I will be back in action once I'm done with my final exam okay?? More update coming up! More review come to me okay? :)



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