Tuesday, December 23, 2014

357th of 2014

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Counting down to the best time of the year - Christmas, wonder what boyf bought me as a Christmas present this year. :P Both of us want surprise, so we decided to let each other guess the presents by giving hints. He said my present starts with a M, consists of 11 alphabets and not something that can apply on face *definitely not cosmetics ald*. 到现在还是猜不到啊!@@

 Oh ya, yours truly went MIA again after the previous post. Sorry is the only word that I can say/ want to say again. :/ Here's a quick recap of what happened after my previous post...
After I had done with my last paper and my semester holidays finally started. :D

Thought I could update my blog right after exam but actually NO. :(
Not enough of time for me to update my blog as I was busying for my sister's wedding and
also my Singapore trip. Gotta blog about it in detail soon, no worries. ;)

Time flies and I don't want to make any regret so I'm trying my best to record down everything!! As I'm writing this it is 23rd of December 2014 ald, Christmas is coming soon then new year then HIHI 2015 BYEBYE 2014. WHY SO FAST?? It seems like we were just counting down for 2014 last few days but now we are counting down for 2015 ald. 

A summary here about my 2014, what I've done and what I've achieved. :)

  • I feel that my photography skill has improved. Not as excellent as famous bloggers and professional photographers but if compared to my photography skills in the past, I really improved a lot. :)
  • I CAN FINALLY DRIVE!! Not sure if you knew it, I did not drive for a few years once I got my car license  due to some issue. I was once afraid of all the cars on road but now no more. :P 
  • I am graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College as a Diploma holder! It was a long journey but I managed to overcome it together with the ones I love. When I stepped up at the centre of the stage, every hard and bitter moments were totally worthy! :D
  • I am furthering my studies at Inti Penang. I am now a UOW degree student, major in Finance. Still thinking which one to take as my minor.
  • My very first food and product reviews happened in 2014. :) I'm not a famous blogger, perhaps only few people read my blog and probably the food reviews that I've made did not bring much customers to the restaurants or cafes as compared to other bloggers but I really appreciate to be given such precious opportunity to learn and to do what I'm interested in doing. Thank you Megumi Khoo. :) Hopefully there will be more product and food reviews and also sponsorships for me in the future! :)
  • I have visited 2 countries in 2014 which are Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore, both are not very far from Malaysia but at least there are outside of Malaysia and I got to experience their cultures and so on. I told myself, I must travel at least once in a year just to refresh myself and remind myself how lucky I am.
  • The very first time as a tour guide in Singapore. Ermmm, not that professional one actually, just a guide to lead my mum and my aunts when we were in Singapore. I was so worried and nervous at first because yours truly, ME totally didn't know how to look at a map. I called myself as 路痴 or 没有方向感的人. Because every time I travelled I had my boyf or sisters to rely on, so I didn't have to worry 'how to go?' this question. I just listed out where I wanted to visit then eventually I would get to visit that particular place that I mentioned. :) Btw, I think I did a good job. We did not get lost at all and actually everything was so easy, not that difficult as I thought. :)
  • Yours truly has finally promoted as an aunt! My eldest sister recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Olivia. She's the cutest baby on Earth! Love her deeply with all my affections!

Additional achievement:
  • During my holidays before enrolling into Inti College, I had the chance to be a kindergarten teacher for 3 months. I am very grateful for the opportunity as I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was small and this was my chance to fulfill it. :)

So far this is what I can think of what I've done and achieved in 2014, in my legal age. :) There are still have a lot but I couldn't think of them now. Will be adding them up when I remember them okay? ;)
Alright ending this post with weddings that I attended in these 3 months from September till December.
Hope you guys enjoy! 


Dearest cousin, Cherlyn's garden wedding at Lone Pine Hotel in September.

Dearest 2 jie's wedding dinner at Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya in October.


Actual wedding day at Ixora Hotel.


#quoteoftheday -  Live for yourself, not others.
Dont compare, be thankful.