Friday, October 17, 2014

Monthsary lunch @ Heaven Gate Restaurant ❤

My life has been really busy lately. Tutorials, assignments, and mid-terms all come together making me cannot breath smoothly. I cried and felt like giving up every time, but luckily, it's all past now. Even though I still have a few more assignments and tutorials waiting for me, at least it is not that packed now. :) Finally I can have some time to spend with best boyf already. 

Throwback to last Monday (6/10/2014), best boyf brought me to Heaven Gate to have lunch to celebrate our 33rd monthsary. Our 33rd monthsary fell on one day earlier but due to my packed schedule, I had to complete some part of my assignment, so we decided to celebrate it after the actual date. Instead of seeing it is a celebration, I would rather call it as celebration x relax lunch as you probably know that I'd been hiding at home everyday besides going to college. I got no extra time to hang out or date with best boyf and also my friends.

I guess that you guys are already familiar with Heaven Gate and need no more introduction. :) 
Heaven Gate, a Penang tourism dine & entertainment wine lounge hat will be positioned as an series franchise through out creative approach to the company's image and detail presentation. Heaven Gate will provide a combination of excellent food at value pricing with fun packaging and atmosphere. Heaven Gate is the answer to an increasing demand for well dine fusion food, to be consumed while raise of quality lifestyle for local & tourist while break time and walking around inside Heritage area while Penang Georgetown been classity as Unesco Heritage State.

This was my 3rd visit to this restaurant and still I feel surprised on every visit. Why say so? Because Heaven Gate change their menu once every 3 month, which means you can get to try on new style every 3 month yay yay! :D
Nothing much changes on the restaurant's decoration, all remains the same, still that romantic and heavenly. ^^~

How can you not take photos while waiting for your foods to be served in such a lovely place?

# Apple juice x Mixed fruit juice.


# Forest wild mushroom soup. 
A mushroom soup full with mushroomy taste and aroma! The chef turns the ratio of the cream to only 10%, 30% of chicken stock and the rest is mushroommmms!! You know what? It is served with prawn dumpling too! You gotta love this if you love mushroom. :)

# Classical chicken veloute.
It is more to salty type of soup with a piece of chicken roll, chicken chunks and walnuts in it. The chicken roll is 70% cooked and the hot soup will cook it while it is served. It is totally different with the chicken soup that we have out there.


# Pan seared diver scallops.
One thing I like about Heaven Gate is they always serve fresh food. Look at the scallops, don't you feel that your saliva is dropping already? :P
One word to describe - FRESH! 
The topping mango salsa and balsamic vinaigrette sauce just make it more delicious.

# House specialty garden salad.
If you feel like eating clean, Heaven Gate has got garden salad tossed with sesame sauce for you too! It is served with smoked salmon to make your garden salad more colorfullllll~ 

Main Course

All the main course choices in the menu are so mouth watering. Best boyf and I took quite some time to decide what to order. And greedy us wanted to try them all but we just can't hahaha our stomachs are not that big after all. In the end we ordered 3 main courses! :P Yet, we managed to finish all of them. Hmmm too yummyyyyyyy! :D

# Chicken cacciatore.
The chicken is braised for 4 hours before served with special red wine sauce. The sauce is a little salty but it's a good combination with the tender meat! For your information, this dish is the only dish with so much amount of sauce. The mashed potato is cooked by imported US potatoes, oh my gawd its texture is so smooth and rich. ME LIKE!

# Baked cod fish.
 My favourite dish among 3 main courses that we ordered. :) The cod fish is steamed and slightly grilled on the skin then topped with apple prune chutney. It is served with mashed potato, saute green and sundried tomato emulsion as dressing sauce. The fish was fresh and chewy! 

# House specialty duck
Boyf's favourite dish. Heaven Gate has received a lot of compliments for its roasted duck. The chef smokes the duck breast and then fried it to make the skin crispy. It is served with orange chutney on top, saute green, mashed potato and port wine emulsion. One thing I like about this dish is its texture: the duck is cooked to perfection and the skin is grilled to crispy but not stiff! Can I have more? :P


# Asian twisted mango creme brulee.
This dessert is made freshly everyday because the chef uses fresh mango flesh as main ingredient. As it is freshly made, the amount is limited everyday. Be sure to reserve it if you are going to have a try!

# Chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream.
The brownies contain of walnuts and served with vanilla ice cream which is just perfect! 

As usual, took some photos to keep as memories or should I say we didn't want to leave the restaurant. :P
 Oh ya, I've got a white rose compliment from the restaurant! It's a souvenir for every reservation. So guys, please don't forget to call to make reservation before going! :D 

Visited its upstairs to look around before we went off. The upstairs is also very cosy and romantic full with artistic designs. 

Heaven Gate Restaurant
Phone Number: 012-477 5979
Address: 1, Lebuh King, Georgetown, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Business Hours: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am (Daily)


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