Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shunka 旬香 Japanese Restaurant

I have been feeling bored for eating ordinary Japanese food at common Japanese restaurants available in Penang. All of their menus are always the same, serving the same sushi, same sashimi, same bento, the only difference is their prices. 
Recently, there's this new Japanese restaurant named Shunka 旬香 opening at Burma Road which caught my attention. :D
Boyf brought me to try out since I have been told that their Japenese food is different from others. What I can say is this Japanese restaurant has totally amazed me! It is a fusion kind of Japanese restaurant serving authentic Japanese food with different styles as shown below.
Shunka Japanese Restaurant is an urban Japanese restaurant started out from the Northem of Malaysia. By inventing the philosophy of Reliving Tokyo, Shunka Japanese Restaurant provides a complete dining experience from the most authentic Japanese cuisine, matcha & sake, the urban set up of interior and the most welcoming friendly staffs.
Price As Low As "Everyone Can Taste It"
Shunka focuses on Cuisine food, Matcha, and Sake.

Love how they design the restaurant. :)
Japan x Chinese feeling...

Worrying about seating when you come with a bunch of friends? 
Worry no more! Because Shunka has VIP room which can filled up with 20 pax for you.

Here comes to my favourite part - FOOD FOOD FOOD!! 
I'll start with Kushiyaki (served with 2 pieces). :)

# Asparagus bacon, Pork skewer and Chicken mentai (not included in their menu but you can order it!)

# Crispy sushi (Sushi katsu).
We were told that this is the only sushi you can order in the restaurant, because it is too mainstream to serve a lot of sushi in a Japanese restaurant. The chef wanted to make it special so he deep-fries the only choice of sushi. The mayonnaise on top blends the taste just fine. 

# Grilled pork belly (Tontoro shioyaki).
Another dish in fried-style. Squeeze some lemon provided on top to make it crispy and sour!

# Chicken wing in Teriyaki sauce.

# Salted chicken wing.

# Spicy port bulgogi.

# Kimchi steamboat (Kimchi nabe).
This is a proof that they are a fusion restaurant as normally Japanese restaurant only serves Japanese food while they serve Korean food as well. The kimchi soup is mouth-watering and very appetising. It is one of my favvvvvvvvv!! :D

# Tonkotsu ramen.

# Japanese cheese omelet (Cheese tamagoyaki).
Boyf likes this particularly because the cheese and egg are cooked layer by layer so the aroma and taste last long in every bite.

# Squid butter grilled (Ika bata yaki).
The squid is very fresh and grilled to perfection. Hmmmm yummyy~

 # Japanese omelet noodle (Omuyaki soba).
This is a very special dish and I bet you haven't tried this before. The noodles was fried and wrapped in omelet. It's a new creation and combination!

# Wisteria bento : Salmon sashimi, fried fish finger, japanese fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, japanese rice, miso soup.

For me, there's always a room for dessert. And you know how much I love dessert!!!
One of the facts about me is I don't like to eat or drink matcha aka green tea this kind of greenish thingy. 
But Shunka's matcha changed my mind, two of their matcha desserts just impressed me!! 
The matcha desserts are specially made by the chef, I bet you wouldn't have it in another place but only Shunka!

# Matcha. 
This sweetness in this matcha drink is just perfect, not too sweet and not bitter for me. They even add in green tea ice-cubes to retain the taste of green tea, the longer you drink, the smoother the taste.

# Matcha pancake.
This pancake is in matcha flavour and served with matcha ice-cream, red bean, whipped cream and rice balls= PERFECT

GOOD NEWS here for you people!
Shunka @ Burma Road is having grand opening on this Friday till Sunday (3/10 - 5/10) and they will be giving out limited 100 set/day of Matcha and Salmon Sashimi!! 
Another good news is, their lunch set will be released on next month and it only costs from RM9.90/set, so affordable. WOAH~
Let's visit Shunka NOW people!!

Shunka 旬香 Japanese Restaurant

Bukit Mertajam, Penang
Phone Num: 04-530 4889
Address: 3193-A, Jalan Maju, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama,
 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

Butterworth, Penang
Phone Num: 04-324 2288 
Address: No. 13A, Butterworth Business City Centre, 
Jalan Raja Uda,  12300 Butterworth, Penang.

Burma Road, Penang
Phone Num: 04-228 3889
Address: 124E, Jalan Burma Road, 10050 Pulau Pinang
Business Hours:

Shunka is accepting franchising also.
 For more information, kindly visit their WEBSITE & FACEBOOK !

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brew Cafe 啡礼 @ Auto City Juru

I bet Penang Mainlanders must be quite familiar with a new cafe named Brew Cafe 啡礼 which is located at Auto City, Juru. I'm really delighted that mainland finally has a cafe which serves thumbs-up coffee and food with such great ambience! :) I don't have to go all the way to Penang to hunt for coffee anymore.

This was my 2nd visit actually, I came with my best boyf weeks before. We didn't spend much time there on our first visit as it was very crowded and we only ordered a pot of rose tea, finished it and we left. Feeling grateful that I had another opportunity to visit it again and got to try their coffee and foods and also do a food review for them. My first food review was given to Brew Cafe 啡礼, thank you for having me. :)

Brew Cafe is the place for the people.

I love the way they have outdoor and indoor seating for customers. If you want to enjoy the sunlight during day time and watch night scenery of Auto City at night, you can probably sit at outdoor; If you prefer chit-chatting with your friends intimately, indoor with chilling air-cond will be your choice. :)

The design of Brew Cafe is slightly different with what we used to see in other cafes in Penang. They tried to build every design with woods. Photo below shows their washroom. Don't you just feel impressive with their design? :P

Besides indoor and outdoor seating, there's one thing I like the most about this cafe is THEY HAVE a MEETING ROOM yo!! This is so convenient to a bunch a people who come together to have gathering. You won't have to worry that your noise will disturb people in the meeting room. :)

The most exciting part comes after my description on the environment, which isssssssssssssss...

Different with ordinary cafes which serves only coffees and sometimes cakes, now Brew Cafe has launched their new menus which are Breakfast menu and All Day menu. By looking at the menus I was already starving. So many choices to let you choose, you don't have to worry nothing to order but only worry which to order, because everything is so YUMMMsss! 

If you know me well, you'd probably know that I'm addicted to coffee. I even write it on my ig bio lol. 
I've tried so many types of coffee but still Mocha is my favourite. Had been receiving some comments about coffees at Brew Cafe taste normal but it didn't seem accurate. :/ My mocha was fine, not too sweet and not too bitter.

# Hot mocha and latte.

# Matcha coffee at the front & Rose latte at the back. 

# Strawberry smoothies, melted every girl's heart.

# Rose flavour flower tea. 
Brew Cafe does not only serve coffee but also a range of teas. If you're not a coffee lover, you can actually order their flower teas. Highly recommended!

Breakfast menu :
Add on RM 5 to get a full set of juice/ fruits/ coffee or tea.

# Big boss : jumbo sausage, ham & two eggs, bacon & hash brown and toast with butter & jam.

# English Breakfast : breakfast sausage, ham & two eggs, bacon & hash brown and toast with butter & jam.

French toast. 
This is quite similar with what I had at Antipodean in KL. :)

English muffin with smoked salmon & poached eggs
Look at the small cup that filled with the sauce, awww so tiny so cute. ^^~

All Day menu :

# Club sandwich : chicken/ ham/ cheese/ , side dishes with salad and wedges.

# Spicy BBQ pork sandwish, side dishes with salad and wedges 

Spicy Aglio Olio. 
Big thumbs up for this Aglio Olio!! Normal Aglio Olio is colourless but look at this, the colour is so nice as well as the taste. But I strongly suggest people who can't take spicy food not to order this because it is super spicy!

# Carbonara with bacon & mushroom.
Another thumbs up for this carbonara. I don't like to eat carbonara as it always made me feel like throwing up after eating as its sauce is too creamy, but this carbonara is different with all the carbonaras out there. I didn't feel the same way when I was eating it. Yet, the ribbon shape of pasta was the icing on the cake. :)

If you don't feel like eating sandwiches or spaghetti, Brew Cafe has pizza for youuu~

# Hawaiian chicken pizza.

Cakes :

# Rocky road cake.
Marshmallow on top ohh myy goddddd~

# Simply click a like for Brew Cafe on Facebook, you can claim a membership application form from their lovely staffs. By joining their membership, you are entitled for a 10% discount on every visit! Don't you feel excited already? Don't be a thinker, be a doer and visit them soon!

Brew Cafe 啡礼 
Phone Number: 012-2345403 (Penny)
Address: Unit FO-B1 B2 & B4, Shop-In d'Park, Jalan Perusahaan,
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange,
13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hour: 8am-12am (Monday- Thursday)
8am- 1am (Friday)
9am-1am (Saturday & Sunday)