Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Too much thoughts to share...

I always claim myself as 不愿意面对事实 // 活在自己的世界 // 世界上最念旧的人. 
Yes this is just ME!
Instead of doing revision for my corporate finance, I decided to update my blog. See, this proved that I'm 不愿意面对事实的人, because I'm totally don't understand what my corporate finance lecturer taught on yesterday, I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! TT. He was just kept repeating 'alright' and  'you know' which made me pek chek and suffer in the class. -.- Now I know, degree is not that easy! 
Last time in TAR, I will never ever do revision after my class!! But now, feel super duper extra guilty if I didn't do revision after my class. Guess that this is some kind of kia su-ness? Lol. 

I feel like crying on my half way blogging. Looking all the books beside my laptop is just like looking at onion which can make me tear directly. I always doubt myself, did I make a right decision? I was in dilemma for whether I should further my studies or straight away work till the end of my life. Study is not easy, working is not easy too! You will have to face a lot of things when you're studying or working too. I don't want to make myself regret, or should I said I want to give myself a chance to see how far I can go. 

If you're closer friends of mine, I guess you know my personality well. I'm a person who cannot bear with stress. Yea fact of me! I don't know I can't bear with stress?! It just because I'm the youngest in my family? I have my family and boyf showered me with all their loves? I don't know. When it comes to study stress, I always think of giving up instead of working harder to achieve it. WHY? I remembered when I was in diploma, just a mid term already made me feel like committing suicide. No joke seriously! -.-

I need to have a lot of positive people around me, really! I need a lot of people to tell me don't have to worry, everything will be alright and you can do it!! 
But sometimes my mind is just show me the evil side, probably I have watched too many dramas and made me think too much! I wish I could change this thinking! :/

Well, there are still a lot of stories about my recent life // degree life I want to drop down here to share with you guys, but it is too many till I don't have enough of time to write them here. 
So today one is just part of it, hopefully I will manage my time well and get to blog more here, there are still have 2 pending posts in my draft!!

See you! XO


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