Sunday, August 17, 2014

27062014 ; Belated Birthday Celebration [PART I]

Here comes another overdue post aiyoooo I'm sorry my readers. :/ 
My birthday has already passed almost 2 months and I'm not done with my birthday post yet. 


It was Friday, all the graduates must attend a briefing of our convocation before the actual date of our convocation. After the briefing, we (me, Rounie, Angel and Elaine) went to Baptain which is located at G Hotel to pamper ourselves before having our lunch. :) It took us a long time at Baptain because it was crowded. But it was all fine since we all had a good hair day. :) I did Luxe oil hair treatment on that day, my hair smelled so good and very very very smooth. 

Must take some photos beside the pool with our mei mei hair :P Outdoor is always the best location because there's natural lightning. 

Settled our lunch, also my belated birthday celebration, at Morganfield's Gurney Paragon as we were very starving that time. :) The lunch was great, full with laughter with my baby girlssssss. Mwahs 
Tons of photos taken after our lunch, too high too high! :D
Btw, thanks for the birthday lunch treat my baby girls. 爱死你们了!!*kisses*

Best boyf came to meet us after that. :) Instead of following them to go back to mainland, I stayed back with my boyf, did some window shopping at Gurney and went to have our dinner at Basil. :) 
As my stomach was still full for dinner so I only ordered Mashed potato while boyf ordered Fish & chips as dinner. 

Stay tuned for PART II.


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