Thursday, August 7, 2014

25062014 ; ✈ BKK Birthday Trip Day 5 ♥

Not really in a good mood since the day I started my degree life that's why this post had been dragged for so long. I'm sorry my readers! :'(
Blogging about my BKK birthday trip makes me miss my working life/holiday and BKK even more! 

Finally it came to the last day of my BKK birthday trip. Basically the last day and first day are almost the same, I did not have much time to explore new places and not really many photos were taken. 
Our flight was at 3 o'clock in the evening and we needed to reached the airport before 1 o'clock to check in. As we knew it would be a little rush if we were going to explore new places again before going to the airport. Well, I don't like to rush if you know me well, so boyf and I decided to make our last day in BKK as relax as we can! :)

Settled our breakfast at our hotel lobby then back to our room to pack our luggage and belongings.
While walking to BTS station, we passed by The Coffee Club. Since we still had some spare time so we decided to have an afternoon coffee break before off to airport, say bye bye to BKK. 
Actually we had passed by Coffee Club everyday when we were in BKK as it was located just beside the BTS station. We had been planning to visit it on the first few days of our trip, but it was either too early or too late for us to dine in there. Luckily we managed to visit it on the very last day. :D 
The Coffee Club is an Australia & New Zealand's favourite cafe brand which is originally from Brisbane, Australia. Now, there are many branches in Thailand. One of them is the Coffee Club, Bangkok which is located at Major Ekamai, Wattana, Bangkok.
The Coffee Club offers free Wi-Fi, long opening hours, all-day breakfasts and tasty light meals.
As for coffee, arabica and robusta coffee beans from South America, Asia and Africa are mixed to create the chain's signature blend, used in all of the various coffee drinks, from long black to mellocino.

Boyf and I actually were very impressed with their services. Probably that was the best service we had in the entire trip. I'm not saying that other services in BKK weren't good, just the service from Coffee Club were better than what we had in previous. The waitress was actually squatting while taking our orders yet she was so friendly. :) We took some time to choose what to eat but she was there squatting beside our table and waiting patiently for our order! So impressed! The service charge were worth paid! :)

As we just had our breakfast at our hotel not long ago, we weren't that hungry yet, so we just ordered a cup of Hot mocha with marshmallow *I wonder why all the cafes are not serving marshmallow with hot macha in Malaysia? ME LIKE MARSHMALLOWS!* and Waffle with ice cream on top *Forgot what was the name of waffle already.*
To be frank, sometimes photos do lie. The waffle wasn't heavenly tasty as shown on my photo below BUT the hot mocha was fine!! :)

 The Coffee Club Ekamai
Address: Major Ekkamai, Sukhumvit Soi 63, Bangkok.
Tel: +66 (0) 2 381 2736
Opening Hours: 07:00 till 23:00
How to go: Ekkamai BTS

After Coffee Club, we called a taxi and off we go to Don Mueang International Airport. Had Nando's *They called it as Piri- Piri in Thailand* at the airport, yucksssss taste like uekkkkkkkk!! >.<


You know girls will eventually go crazy when they see "Duty Free" at the airport. I suppose I am one of them. :P Things sold at Duty Free Don Mueang International Airport are not as cheap as other airports. But still, I bought something over there. :P Managed to get myself a new YSL lipstick and a Dior mascara! YAY YAY :D

# Light flight meal. :P 

My BKK Birthday trip posts come to an end. I think I did it well as I blogged as much as I could remember during the trip! Hope you guys really enjoy reading. :)
 I'm going to visit you very very very soon dear Bangkok! :)

Dear best boyf Dennis Ang, thank you for making my 21st birthday so memorable! Thank you for all the efforts you've put in this trip. You planned everything so well! Not to forget, thank you for the birthday present, I really like it a lot and never thought that I would own one day! Thanks for making me feel like a princess since the first day of our relationship! Don't stop loving me okay? 

♥ I L️OVE YOU! ♥


  1. hi girl, may i know how much is the ysl rouge volupte shine sell in klia ya? thx :)

    1. Hi Ann, last time I bought in klia was RM105, not sure now there's any changed or not. :) I bought in BKK Don Meung is expensive than at klia. :)