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23062014 ; ✈ BKK Birthday Trip Day 3 ♥

Still wondering should I break this post into 2 posts or stick with 1 long post. @@ Because I have tons of photos to share with you guys about how I spent MY 21ST BIRTHDAY with best boyf. :) Best boyf wanted to let me fully utilize my birthday, so he planned everything. Brought me to so many places on my birthday, yet I wasn't tired at all as we were not in a hurry! :)

Here is the list of places where we went on my birthday. Just a summary in case you don't feel like reading the whole post, only want to know where I went on my birthday. :) 

  • Starbucks Coffee @ Thonglor Soi 13
  • Mr.Jones' Orphanage @ Seen Space
  • Prestige Hair Salon @ Thonglor Soi 13
  • After You @ Thonglor Soi 13
  • Erawan Shrine Bangkok (四面佛)
  • Siam Central 
  • Platinum Fashion Mall 
  •  Chocolate Ville

So many places I wanted to share with you guys, so that next time you can visit them when you're in BKK. :)
Alright the first stop of the day was Starbucks Coffee which is located at Thonglor Soi 13.
 Went there to buy tumbler as souvenir. If you're a close friend of mine, you'd probably know that besides lipsticks, Starbucks tumblers are in my collection list too. :) Starbucks in BKK are nothing different with Starbucks in Malaysia, both concepts are all the same. The prices of the tumblers are almost the same too. 

Boyf wanted to give me a hearty breakfast, so he brought me to Mr. Jones' Orphanage at Seen Space to have breakfast!! :D Mr. Jones' Orphanage opens at 10 a.m., but we reached earlier, so we decided to walk around the area. :) There are a lot of restaurants at Seen Space but most of them opens in the late morning and serves brunch instead of breakfast. :) If you wanted to pay them a visit, you'd probably want to go in the afternoon. :)

Mr Jones piles tasty cakes, cookies and milkshakes high at his cosy orphanage-inspired café decorated with swinging teddy bears and plenty of Lego to play with. This is another shop making its mark at Seenspace on Thonglor Soi 13, which now encompasses Fat Gutz fish and chips and Roast Coffee and restaurant. The closest BTS is at Thong Lor, but it’s worth taking a taxi as it can take 25 minutes to walk there.
Another branch opened at Siam Center Shopping Mall, a much more handy location for most visitors to Bangkok, close to Siam BTS sky train station. This cafe has the same theme and same delicious cakes. 
Ashley Sutton, the creator of Iron Fairies and Fat Gutz has outdone himself with this fun, oddball cake shop. Outside, gothic gargoyles emit a cooling mist, and there is a drop off house for orphans. Inside, lots of blonde wood and toys make this one of the most welcoming orphanages in the world, with cakes piled high on one side with a moving mobile of cake slices. At the centre of the dining hall is a carousel filled with fruit and wooden horses, from the ceiling hundreds of paper planes are dangling in the breeze. You would expect from the toy soldiers and teddy bears for most of the guests to be children, but on our Sunday visit the queue was full of adults. There is an upstairs library that is only accessible to those under 5ft tall though, so children can burn off sugar highs in their own space.
Although there are sandwiches and savoury snacks on the menu, the main reason to come here is for the cake, and there is enough this to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth, whether you fancy a grown-up semolina, pistachio and honey cake or a scone with jam, or perhaps even my childhood dream cake, a triple chocolate M&M Kitkat cake with chocolate mousse filling. The list doesn’t stop there; they serve cookies, brownies, red velvet cake and a large chocolate and cream cake that looks like an Oreo. If you are looking to try one of the in-house creations then I recommend the giant marshmallow, which comes lightly toasted on a bed of biscuit and warm chocolate.

Click HERE for more! :)

Feeling blessed when I was at Mr. Jones because everything in it is just PERFECT! The environment, the atmosphere, the surrounding, the design of the cafe and so on just made me fell in love with it. There were only two of us that time, so it felt like we booked the whole cafe hahahhaa. :P The moment when you step in, you will be welcomed by all the bears in the shop. HAHA I simply like how they decorate with bears!! 

Chose the most eye-catching table in the shop! Check out my photos and you will know that our table is designed as Merry-Go-Round. Felt like a princess when I was sitting there. I can't stop myself from describing the environment OMG! :P When you look up from the table, you can see there are horses hung around you in a Merry-Go-Round way. AWWW!!!  ♥♥  If you felt that my photos couldn't draw up your imagination on the environment, you can actually Google it. I swear it will sure amaze you! :)

I think I better change my topic before I lost myself in the fantasy! :)
There are a lot of choices of food. We didn't want to order too much because we have planned to visit After You next, as we scared our stomachs might be too full for After You. Haha... We only ordered a slice of Passion Fruit Cake, Mr. Jones Sandwich *not sure about the name* and a cup of Hot Mocha. Everything was pretty tasty besides the cake. The passion fruit cake was coated with condensed milk and it was too sweet for us and the sponge cake was hard to bite actually. Probably they've kept it for too long. Well, I personally think that we should make a proper research on the menu of Mr. Jones before visiting. Because there are REALLY A LOT OF CAKES to let you choose, and every cake looks freaking delicious. We didn't know how to choose seriously!!! 

# Who doesn't love this? :)

# I looked pale in the photo because I did not apply lipstick on purpose because I wanted to eat already. Kind of regret now because all of my photos taken at Mr. Jones I looked like a zombie. -.-


# Seashell design of cup. So cute so adorable with the words : Don't forget to brush your teeth! 

# Want to eat this now badly!! The mashed potato beside the sandwich tasted SUPERB!! Why doesn't Malaysia have Mr. Jones?? *cry*

There are actually 2 sections in it, there is a upper level connected with staircases. I wouldn't recommend you to go upstairs. You can only walk by stooping as the ceiling is too low and it will hit you if you are not cautious enough, seriously no jokes! I was stooping to walk all the way when I was at upstairs just to take photos. Boyf did the same too and it was more difficult for him as he's so much taller than me!

Mr Jones' Cake Shop

Location: G/F SeenSpace, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok 
BTS: Thong Lor 
Tel: +66 (0)2 185 2378 

Had my birthday hair wash at Prestige Hair Salon which was very near to Mr. Jones and After You.  :D Well, what I can say is, THIS IS THE BEST HAIR WASH I HAVE EVER HAD SO FAR IN MY LIFE!!!! So impressed with their service, the way they wash my hair, and the way they blow my hair. You can even have drinks when they are servicing you. Look at my photo below and notice there was a small menu placed on the table, that was their drinks menu. Even a hair salon also has so many choices of drinks for customers.
That curl, THAT CURL!! I will never have this curl in Malaysia anymore!! :'( I told boyf next time if I wanted to have hair wash could I just fly to BKK to have it? HAHAH just kidding btw! :)

Guess that you guys must be curious about the price right? You might think that it must be very expensive, nuhhh you are wrong! The price was actually very reasonable and affordable. :) IMO, the price is very worthy when you pay for good service like this!!

# BKK hairstyle >> pong pong & curly curly. ME LIKE! ♥

Prestige Hair Salon @ Thonglor Soi 13 

Address: 283/13-14 HomePlace Office Building Sukhumvit Rd, 
Soi 55 Klongton-Nua Wattana BKK 10110.
Tel: 02-7150260, 7150269

The 4th stop of the day was After You. :) After You is one of the famous cafe in BKK too. We actually made a wrong plan, we shouldn't visit it right after Mr. Jones because we were still very full and didn't feel like eating yet. Only ordered an Earl Grey Pudding and a Raspberry Iced Tea. Didn't order their popular toast aiks... Okay okay never mind, next time okay!! The pudding tasted great as well as the drinks. :) The smell of earl grey was strong but when you put it in your mouth, the earl grey smell melted instantly. :)

After You is a hot spot for all sweet-toothed Bangkokians, serving a range of delicious treats, including a signature shibuya honey toast. Anywhere that proclaims ‘There’s always room for dessert’ as their mantra and serves a great selection of breakfast dishes and sugary snacks quickly becomes a real must-try in Bangkok, so don’t be surprised if there is a queue during peak times, they move fast and there are now five branches around town to try them in.
The original After You cafe is located in Thong Lor, about 100 metres along Soi 13. It’s probably best to take a taxi from Thong Lor BTS, which will take around five minutes and cost around 50 baht. This is definitely the most picturesque branch, but success means that you can now tuck in at cafes near Ari BTS station, at Siam Paragon and Central Plaza Ladprao.
After You is modern and cosy, with warm wooden decor, plenty of seats, lots of natural light during the day and the smell of fresh baking that is noticeable as soon as you enter. Customers are mainly Thai and it is a favourite for students and families, who come here and split a few desserts so they can try a selection. I recommend doing this, too. Outside the Siam Paragon branch there is a sign all photographers love to see, a camera without a line through it. These cakes and desserts are so pretty you can’t help but want to snap away and make your friends envious. Sadly, there is no table service, so you may have to queue twice, once to get in and once to order, but I promise it’s worth it. Price wise, desserts are around 150 baht.

Click HERE for more! :)

After You

Opening Hours: 10:00 – midnight every day 
Location: J Avenue, Thonglor soi 13 
BTS: Thong Lor 
Tel: +66 (0)2 7129266 

Erawan Shrine Bangkok was our next stop. Just in case you don't know what is Erawan Shrine Bangkok, it is 四面佛. We did not take any photo because we wanted to show some respect. Boyf and I bought some joss sticks, candles and flowers and started praying. It was very hot at that time and I strongly recommend you to go before and after noon time to avoid hot sun. Nothing much to talk about Erawan Shrine Bangkok as I have no photo to show you guys. 

Just skip it and move to the next stop, Siam Central. Also, nothing much to talk about Siam Central too as it was just like a normal shopping mall in Malaysia. :) Only bought a piece of Lacoste polo tee there for my daddy as it was having sales that time. Settled our lunch at McDonald's Siam Central before going to Platinum Fashion Mall to shop till drop. :P 
I think that having at least a meal at McDonald's in BKK or Thailand is a must for Malaysian Chinese because they provide Samurai Pork Burger which will never be sold in Malayisia!!  :)

After filling our stomachs, it's time to SHOP at Platinum Fashion Mall! :D When it comes to shop, I think every girl will be the happiest person on earth. Lol. Well, not much photos were taken at Platinum as you know I was totally crazy in shopping. Too many little shops to shop and we didn't even have enough of time to step in every shop. Everything sold at Platinum is a bit expensive than Chatuchak as you know it is a fashion mall not a market. :) Again, I would go back again if I'm going to BKK next time! :) It's just like another heaven for girls to shop till drop. :P

Platinum Fashion Mall is like an indoor version of the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It specializes in wholesale fashion clothing and accessories, with four floors of shopping space, packed with some 1,300 shops. Here, haggling is part of the fun, and you’ll save more buying in larger quantities.
Platinum Fashion Mall location is smack in the centre of Pratunam, a 10-minute walk from either Ratchathewi or Chidlom BTS Skytrain, so it is easily accessible when compared to other clothing bazaars of the same scale. Plus, it’s air conditioned and comes complete with a large food court as well as cafés and fast food chains. There's even a four-star hotel, Novotel Bangkok Platinum, on top. Talking about a one-stop shopping for reasonably-priced clothes and accessories, Platinum Fashion Mall is your best bet.

 Click HERE for more! :)

Platinum Fashion Mall 

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 
Location: Petchburi, Ratchathewi (next to Pantip Plaza) 
BTS: The nearest Skytrain station is Chidlom (but not really walking distance, you wll need a taxi or tuk yuk) 

# Our hauls, or should I said, my hauls? :P

Went back to hotel to refresh ourselves after shopping at Platinum as we were very tired already. At night, we went to Chocolate Ville to have my long-awaited birthday dinner!! :D 
Well, what I can talk about Chocolate Ville is, it's very far! It is located at the outskirts of BKK so we had to take a taxi to go there. Boyf printed out its location map and also address in Thai language to show the taxi driver because not many drivers know the exact location. One gentle reminder for you: we will have to pay for the toll fees whenever the taxi passes a toll. It took us an hour to reach there and I was starving like hell. 

Chocolate Ville looks like a village with a lot of restaurants but actually it's only a large restaurant with a very large compound. All the buildings are designed with European style, they even have a river, a city call and a post office! Got ourselves a seat very soon after we took a few photos (actually a lot!) quickly. They serve European and Thai cuisine but actually they taste very normal

To be honest, I wouldn't pay another visit if I am going to BKK again because it is freaking far and the food they serve is just so so only. :)

Chocolate Ville is a mini themed mall designed to look like an old European village, complete with chapel, barn, clock tower, railway station and candy-colored shops. Or it could be New England with the Maine lighthouse and the ducks. There are more than a hundred outdoor tables and an indoor area is under construction, hoping to open before the rains hit.

 Chocolate Ville 

Opening Hours: Daily 4pm-midnight
Location: Chocolate Ville, Kaset Nawamin Km. 11 Rd, Kasetnawamin Rd. Bangkok, Thailand.
Tel: 083-077-3738


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