Friday, July 4, 2014

20062014 ; 21st Birthday Celebration in Advance with Family ♥

I didn't really plan how to celebrate my 21st birthday with my family actually. Well, it should be said, I planned actually but my family members turned me down. :/ If you are following my twitter, you would probably know. Lol okay just forget about it, it had passed! 

I shared with best boyf what was in my mind but I never knew that he actually phoned to my mum after the day I shared with him. He asked my mum whether does he need to reserve a cake for me or not, then my mum said okay sure! On Thursday (19062014), mummy told me that she's not going to cook on Friday (20062014). I was 'why?!' Then she said, we are going out to have dinner as your 21st birthday celebration. I was so so so happy! :D 

Planned to go to Penang to have dinner but due to the terrific traffic on Friday, we decided to have it at Butterworth. Instead of having western food, we chose to have chinese food. :) 食为天 at Raja Uda was our choice!

All the food was fine. Definitely will pay it another visit again. 
After our meal and photo taking session, it was the time for me to be showered with birthday song and wishes! :D Feel so so so so loved! Thank you my dearest family and best boyf! ♥♥
Oreo mocca cake that best boyf reserved for me from LA Delight. So delicious! :D

# 3 roses for mummy queen! Thanks her for taking care of me in this 21 years! ♥♥♥
 I actually burst in tears when I passed her the roses. *shy*

# My world best mum x prettiest mum was happy with the roses that I gifted her. :)


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