Monday, June 9, 2014

♥ Mother's Day Celebration @ Ferringhi Garden

Delayed post...
Hopefully I'm not late on blogging this. 
Delayed better than none. :P

It was the day after grandma's 80th Birthday celebration (10.5.2014). My Da Jie decided to bring mummy queen to celebrate Mother's Day at Ferringhi Garden. :)
Luckily we had booked a table a week earlier and actually it wasn't very crowded as we expected since it was a common day for everyone to celebrate Mother's Day.
It was the 2nd visit for me at Ferringhi Garden, nothing much changes, everything seemed remain the same as last year when I celebrated boyf's birthday. :)

We went by two cars since a normal couldn't fit 8 of us. We ordered food first as we *2 jie, me and our boyfs* reached earlier and we were all starving already. 

# 2 jie's boyf - Oriental chicken chop

# My boyf's - Spicy fish fillet

# Mine - Grilled chicken *we ordered 3 totally, 2 jie and da jie ordered the same*

Parents, da jie and da jie fu reached after our food was served. They quickly made orders on their food too. :)

# Da jie's - Mushroom soup *photo out of focus WTF*

# Mummy queen's - Marinara pasta

# Daddy's - Char grill salmon

# Da jie fu's - Grilled lamb chop

Photo session after meal and while waiting for the dessert to be served.
Well, the lighting wasn't that nice, I tried to set my camera to several modes in order to take nicer photo but it seemed failed. :/ I still not really know how to use my camera lol even thought boyf bought it for me quite a some times already. Tsk tsk tsk myself. 

Taaaaa Dahhhhhhhhhh~
It was Mother's Day but they wrote 'Happy Birthday' on the plate. HAHAHA so funny right.
We didn't ask them to change as it would take another waiting time. So, just let it be. Lol.

# Chocolate walnut cake as Mummy queen's Mother's day cake. :D

Here comes another photo session with the cake. 
Mummy queen became a movie star because each of us wanted to take photo with her. :P

# So shy OMG :O

# The QUEEN and her 3 PRINCESSES!! 
Thank you for your love and care my WORLD BEST MUMMY! 

# Not only da jie pregnant, 3 of them are pregnant too *inside joke*. HAHAHHA.

A cake as our dessert was too little so we decided to move to Haagen Dazs to continue our celebration.
End our Mother's day celebration with Paradise and Flower Blossom


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