Monday, June 30, 2014

♥ All about my favourite month - June ♥

Hi my dearest readers, yours truly finally have some time to update her blog properly. :)
June has always been my favourite month because June is my BIRTHDAY MONTH awww!!!
Well, this year's June is a little different for me as I'm turning into 21 this year *I'm already 21 now, finally legal*, also my convocation will be holding in June too. 


Birthday celebration in advance with family before I went to Bangkok. Best boyf planned this secretly with my mum actually. :P Bought 3 roses for Mummy queen as a thank you gift. I actually burst in tears when I passed her the roses. *shy*


21/6/2014 - 25/6/2014
Different from last year, I celebrated my birthday in Bangkok instead of Malaysia. :D Best boyf said it's 21st birthday celebration so must be different a little bit. :P It was so so so FUN and I really wish to go back to Bangkok again! So many things to buy, you might be bankrupt in Bangkok if you're not controlling yourself like me. :P Alright, details about my Bangkok trip will be blogged soon okay! I won't break my promise like last time. *I promised to blog about my sister's wedding and my UK and Paris trip in 2013 but I didn't :/*


Back from BKK, I started to busy for my convocation. Attended briefing of my convocation and my babes actually made a small belated birthday celebration for me at Morganfield's at Gurney Paragon. Oh ya, not to forget to mention, before the celebration we went to Baptain Salon to pamper ourselves. I did luxe oil hair treatment on that day, now my hair is very very smooth! :D 


One of the important day in my entire life >> my diploma convocation.
 I'm finally officially graduated with merit from TARUC Penang. Not distinction but I'm already feeling proud of myself. Took too many photos on that day and I totally don't know which to choose to upload on ig. Lol 


Feeling loved and princess in the whole month. :P Many people treating me like a princess in June! :P
Another gang of my friends brought me to Macalister Mansion to have high tea as my belated birthday celebration. I even created my own hashtag with #princess21stbdayhightea on ig. :P 


Just realized today is the last day of June. :'( Time flies so fast...
So this is basically about my June. 
Don't worry don't worry, I will blog each of them in detail soon! Hopefully I won't break my promise. HAHA
So much to blog, so many photos needed to be uploaded.

Stay tuned!


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