Monday, May 12, 2014

Working Life...

Hi guys, yours truly finally back to here. :D
So I think this post will be full of words again, no photos perhaps. 
Wanted to blog about it for so long since the first day i started working. :) But I've been busying all day long or when i was off from work i didn't really feel like opening my laptop cuz i was either too tired or i was having outing with best boyf or i just wanted to read my novel.

So here are some of my thoughts about my working life. 
As you can read on my previous post, you probably knew that I'm working now as a kindergarten teacher while waiting to enroll to degree. :) *I didn't want to shake legs at home and ask money from parents, this is so wasting time!*

Talking about my job scope first.
I WAS a full time teacher. *I'm now a part time one start from today lol*
I'm teaching 2 years old children *to be accurate I'm a nursery teacher*, so my work is like taking care of them, teach them to sing songs and dance, teach them to be discipline, teach them to differentiate things and many many more. 

My other job scope is taking care of 6 years old children after 12.15pm *after all the 2 years old children go home and full day children are passed to another teacher*. I need to help them to wipe their bodies after they come out from shower. OMG so shy wtf hahhahaha. They are all very cute yet naughty. Boys are more active and sometimes they are too noisy. They make me needed to speak louder to ask them to turn down their volume. Overall it is okay about them. Girls are all very listening, just boys sometimes will be more naughty. 

After lunch // In the evening, i need to do all the paper works given by principal before 5.30pm. After 5.30pm i need to start calling children when their parents come to fetch them home and standing outside to send children to car.

For Wednesday and Saturday, in the evening i need to go to each class to take attendance. *Wednesday and Saturday some children have extra courses*. I wonder why the principal doesn't want to ask teachers to take it themselves then just pass to her instead of asking me going each class to take it. :/
So this is roughly about my job scope.

Guess that some of you are wondering why i wanted to work as a kindergarten teacher instead of a office lady?

 Alright, here are some of the reasons :
  • For people who are really close with me, they probably know i like kids a lot, REAL A LOT!
  • I like teaching! I've always wanted to be a teacher since i was a primary student.
  • Because i think working as a kindy teacher will be fun and easy.
  • I think working at kindergarten i won't have to face or meet some realistic people or shit face people yea you know those beh syok you without any reason that kind of people cuz for me kindergarten is a place where teachers teach kids to be good people and also a place with no fake or no mask on face. *well i was wrong*
  • I think in the future i wouldn't have any chance to work as a teacher anymore as I'm taking banking and finance course. Probably gonna sit in the office working till the day when i have enough of money to spend. Lol
  • I will know more about how to take care of children so that it will be more easy for me in the future when i have a child or children.
  • Know more about kindergarten teacher's job scope.
  • I can work smth i like/interest. Make no regret, at least i get to be a teacher for temporary. 

Well, some of the reasons up there proved that I'm wrong. :/ 
Working as a kindy teacher is not that easy as i thought.

  • There are 2 or 3 super active children in my class, running here and there and they will never sit properly on the chair. So, i need to run here run there to catch them. Very tiring! Lol. Not to forget to mention, some of the children keep crying too. Looking for their mummies every single minute. I need to divert their attention by giving them toys or biscuits. But after awhile, they started 'mummy mummy' again which make me headache so much. :/ But there are some children who are very listening too. They are very well disciplined! :) 
  • Besides that, teacher-ship issue. Lol i don't know whether i named it right or wrong. To be frank, there are not many teachers willing to chat with me, i don't know why. Is my face very fierce or what? Or they think that I'm just a temporary teacher so there's no need to have much communication with me? @@ Some of the Indian teachers are even discussing me behind and complain to the principal without any reasons to frame me! WHAT'S WRONG? I'm just a temporary teacher and I'm not going to steal your job anyway! -.- I feel myself very innocent. *at first i thought the problem i would meet there is about children but i was wrong. Never knew that the problem is from teachers. :(*
  • Other than that, I'm fully utilized by the principal. I don't really have time to rest actually. When i have finished this task then here comes another task. *keep ordering me here and there* The task is like never ending. I know all the tasks are not difficult to be done, but I'm a human i need some breaks between these tasks. :/ Some more the principal do not really appreciate my work *there are 2 principals and she's is one of them*. And she can't talk nicely sometimes i don't know why. :X *heard from one of the teachers said actually all the teachers dislike her. Even children's parents also the same. :/*.

The bright side...

  • Children there are all very very very CUTE!!! Ahhh i just melted! :P They ways they talk and react are just natural, no fake!
  • Some of the children starting to remember my name ald. I like it when they call me Teacher Goh. Everyday 'Good morning Teacher Goh, good bye Teacher Goh'. Feel so good being called by Teacher! :P
  • I have a secret admirer! HAHHAHA a boy named Vincent just declared me that HE LOVES ME! AWWWW, he said 'Teacher Goh 我love你!' and hugged me after that. Kids nowadays are way too mature! HAHAH.
  • Met a lot of cute questions that asked from children. Teacher Goh why your hair smell so good, Teacher Goh why are you so skinny and etc. They ask me a lot of questions, some questions made me really speechless and don't know how to answer them.
  • Not all the teachers are the same impolite, some of them are still quite kind. :)
  • When there's a public holiday and i don't have to work HOHOHOH... *started to appreciate public holiday when i start working*
  • Sometimes really unhappy or moody due to teacher-ship issue or others things. But when i see all the children, the unhappy is wiped away by their sincere smile on their faces. Told myself, every unhappy or grievance is worth.

Well I think still have a lot about the bright side one just i can't think of them now suddenly. Will add in if i suddenly recall any of them okay? :)

Btw, actually i was quite afraid i might be not-so-in-love with kids after working as a kindergarten teacher. :/ Seeing them crying and yelling everyday sometimes is quite annoying lol. Just hope the passion and love of me towards kids won't decrease after this. HAHA ;)

Upper part of this post sounded emotional but after that i think is more okay ald. :) 
Me having good mood right now that's why the lower part *the bright side part* is more cheerful. :P

Till then...


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