Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Make Up Hauls in May ✿

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” 
― Helena Rubinstein

“‎Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color - it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively. 

― Roberta Gately

Hello everybody, today I'm here to show you my make up hauls in May. Well, I know it is not yet the end of May but yet I can't wait to share with you guys what I've bought. :) Also, this is my first time blogging about my hauls on my blog! *I was thinking to make a video actually because it would be more easy to explain in video but due to my lack of confidence of speaking in English so in the end I decided to blog it instead of video it. Wanted to speak in Chinese but I'm afraid some people do not really understand Chinese.* 
Recently I bought some pretty good stuffs and some of them you can actually get in Malaysia, or some of them you can get it online if Malaysia doesn't sell them. Well, I got my Korea brand cosmetics from Korea as my sister's friend just came back from Korea not long ago. 

 So here are the 7 items of my make up hauls in May. :)

Alright I will be talking about cosmetics i got from Korea first then just followed by cosmetics I got in Malaysia.

1. IOPE Air Cushion XP N21

Heard my friend recommended this to me and also I've read quite a lot of reviews about this air cushion and I decided to give it a try since IOPE is the pioneer of the air cushion and it remains the best selling in the air cushion category. Well, a lot of companies actually copied this cushion concept. If you want to know whether is it true or not, you can search on Google then you will see tons of them. This product is super popular in Korea! Heard from people, they said every Korean girls have at least one in their bags!

It comes in tones of N for natural finish, C for more coverage, and S for shimmery. I chose N21 for natural finish, the color just match with my skin tone perfectly. :) This is so easy to carry! I can just put it in my bag without zero worries about spilling or leaking whenever I'm going out start from the day I use it. This is way too convenient. ;) It comes with a refill too. You don't have to worry in temporary about where to get a new one in short term when you have finished it.  

My first impression when I applied it for the first time was 'OMG it smells so damn good my goddddddd!!!" It is very aromatic! This product is very sheer, light and moisturizing. Not to forget to mention, it is also very easy to apply, I can have super nice skin in about 1 minute. Best of all, it looks super natural, like you don't have any make up on your face. But one thing I want to clarify, this air cushion only gives a light to medium coverage, so if you are looking for good coverage air cushion I won't recommend you IOPE.

2. Laneige BB Cushion N21

I asked my sister's friend to help me buy Laneige BB cushion at first actually as I knew it will be more cheaper in Korea compared to Malaysia. Of course I've read quite a lot of reviews about this product too.  The same, it comes with a refill too. By the way, I haven't started using it yet because I'm currently using IOPE one. :) 
Probably will do a review after I have used it. :)

3. 3CE Creamy Lip Color 
No.4 Joyce

For people who are very aware of cosmetics probably know 3CE is now ruling in cosmetic industry. :) I've been very interested in 3CE lipstick lately because the colors are so sweet and young and also I'm very obsessed with lipsticks, so I decided to risk using it. *High risk high return* Apparently, the result was satisfactory and I pretty much like the color. :D The lipstick has no scent or weird taste and it is super moisture. It gives my lips a bit glossy look but yet not too much of glossy and not sticky at all. :) But one thing I want to mention about this lipstick is... It is not long lasting, it will be completely gone after meal. But I'm okay with it since retouching it after meal is not troublesome to me. :)

There are quite a lot of colors in 3CE Creamy Lips Color series, total 12. I was in dilemma in choosing them, because all the colors are so attractive and lovely. So many colors that I was eyeing on such as #6 Zazzy Pink, #12 Me! Me! and so on. I chose #4 Joyce in the end. It looks like pink color based lipstick from the photo shown on the website but it doesn't look exactly the same in real life. It is more toward to orange color. I'm not regret on choosing this color as I don't have more-to-orange-color lipstick except from my YSL No.15 Coral Intuitive

By the way, going to get another series of 3CE lispstick soon I think. Just spotted them not long ago. :P Who is going to Korea?????? Can you help me to buy? 

# This is ME with my 3CE Creamy Lip Color No.4 Joyce. ✿ 
*Felt a little bit Korean wtf :P*

4. 3CE Eyelash Curler 

I'm not an eyelash curler person, I don't like to curl my lashes before applying mascara, I'm just lazy and I think curling my lashes is hurting my lashes... I'm not fancy curly curly eye lashes that's why MY EYES ARE NOT DOLLY AND ATTRACTIVE. -.-
I'm not sure why I bought this, probably it was because it is cheap in Korea lol. I just spotted Shu Uemura's after I bought this. A little bit regret actually because I think Shu Uemura's is more nice to use than 3CE's *I've tried Shu Uemura's at Sephora*. Well, I haven't really started using it yet. @@

5. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer 

I've been using this product since 4 or 5 years ago. My mum is a loyal consumer of Dior's cosmetics, so I'm influenced by her to try some Dior's cosmetics. Happy that I have finally found a product that can cure my dry lips. Your lips will feel icy icy when you applied it. Maybe for some people they don't like it, but I like this feeling so much. :P 

This product contains of mint flavoring that creates a slight, cooling, tingling effect that will make you think it’s working, but in reality this is just a lip gloss with potentially irritating ingredients. :) My lips is appeared full, smooth and moisturized after applying it. If you keep applying it everyday, it will bring you an ultra-sexy mouth. :P *but I only apply it when I'm going out la..*

Well, the color of this lip maximizer is a soft almost nude peach but actually comes across a little pink on my lips. You can use it alone or over your favorite lipsticks and stains. Also, if you have dry lips like me, you can actually apply to sleep. Your lips will no more be dry on the next day when you wake up! Don't believe it? Go buy one and try! :P

6. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick
 No.8 Pink In Confidence

My favorite lipstick among all my lipsticks in my make up pouch!! :D
I bought this lipstick for the first time when I was at KLIA when waiting to transit to UK *only KLIA is selling YSL cosmetics in Malaysia*. I know YSL lipsticks are so famous and I was always hoping to get one. This is my 2nd YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick No.8 Pink In Confidence by the way! :) 
I asked my cousin to help me to buy at Changi airport because my first one was almost finished and I couldn't get it in Malaysia! Wanted to find a substitute which is having similar color with this one but I couldn't find it at all! I thought I won't get to buy it in a short time, I was so sad. But, luckily I got it now. ;)

I like the color and texture so much as well as the packaging. The color is actually a dusty pale pink, which is very natural color when applied on my lips. The texture is like a lip gloss but not too glossy that's why I like it. For the packaging, is it housed in the signature YSL gold packaging with a color indicator ‘belt’. I feel extra princess, when I take this lipstick out and retouching my lips. :P Not to forget to mention, the smell of this lipstick smells like peach, so fragrant so fresh, me gusta! :)

Getting all the YSL lipsticks is in my wish list! I will try my best to achieve it! ;)
I adore YSL! 

7. Clinique Vitamin C Smoothie
 No.6 Pick Me Up

I'm not a fans of lip gloss and I'm ashamed to say that I only have one lip gloss in my make up pouch, that's Dior's lip gloss that mummy bought me last time. I don't really like lip glosses because I hate it when my hair will stick on my lips because blown by strong wind sometimes. :/ But I found out that I really needed one when sometimes I want to let my lips to look more shining when I apply lipstick. 

I bought this without any plan actually. The reason I bought this is because my mum gave me a RM10 of Parkson voucher to spend. The time when I got the voucher it was almost expired. I don't know what to buy in Parkson. Then suddenly, something came across my mind. :P Why not buy a lip gloss? So I bought this.
The lip gloss is actually quite nice to use. The color is in my expectation, not too pink not too orange, just average. Well, I've only used it once so I couldn't be so judgemental to comment it. :)


So this is basically my make up hauls in May. I guess there's no more make up hauls for me in May. If there's a chance for me to add another collection in May, I will definitely add in again.
Hope you enjoy reading this post and please leave a comment if you want to know more about my make up hauls. :)



  2. Hi Mingming, may I know which brand among Chanel and YSL, which lipstick you think is better? Cause I've been using YSL, never tried Chanel before.

    1. Hi :) Well, I personally think that actually nothing much different between both of them. The only difference is the packaging I think. Chanel's packaging is more to classic one while YSL's is more to elegant. Btw, I think you really can give Chanel a try as the colours are really not bad thou. :)

  3. Blog walking here! :)
    Another good review for the lip maximizer, have been swatching it for N times but still reluctant to use gloss LOL Btw, thumbs up for the easy for on the go Laneige BB cushion, they last for ages!


    1. Helloooo Rachael, thanks for visiting :P see you soon!