Thursday, May 15, 2014

Labour Day ; Penang Hill One Day Trip

" You will only start to appreciate public holidays when you started to work!"
Statement up there just describes me completely.  

Best boyf recently has been helping his father to do a business plan on Penang Hill, so he read a lot of articles about Penang Hill but he had never been there *neither had I*. @@ Since it was Labour Day and both of us didn't have to work and we both didn't feel like going shopping mall also, so we decided to visit Penang Hill. :)
At first this plan wasn't going very smooth because it was raining when we were on the way going to Penang, we were discussing on the car whether or not risking to go to Penang Hill and get shower by the rain. But in the end we would rather take the shot, and time proved that our call was right. :)

Penang Hill is located on this island of Penang, within the area called Air Itam. It is 6km from the city. Situated about 823 meters (2750 feet) above sea level on this northern part of Penang, this oldest hill resort and the first in Malaysia has cool, unpolluted air and historical feature. It stands prominently from the lowlands as a hilly and forested area. It's original name was Flagstaff Hill known by the British, back in the old days of Penang , when a flag fluttering from a flagpole at Bel Retiro, the home of the Governor of Penang at that time, was used as a signal transmitter...

We were very excited when we got there because we finally got to visit Penang Hill after a very long time. Also we were very happy because the rain had stopped and it was windy and cloudy. 

# Centre-parting hair doesn't really suit me lol :/

# Saw this creature when we were on the way walking to the railway station from car park. Don't know what kind of lizard is that. @@

Some tourist poses when we were walking to the railway station. The floor was wet and there were a loy of floras along the alley. Not to forget to mention we also saw the Penang Hill Train passing by over us. We saw the train was packed with tourists and foreign workers. :/ 
We queued up to buy train tickets and luckily the line wasn't that long. Forgetful me forgot to bring my student card which I could have got a student discount price for the ticket. :/ Kindly remind, please remember to bring your student id with you when you are going to visit Penang Hill because you can get the 2 ways train ticket at RM4 instead of RM8. :)

Excitement attacked us after we bought our train ticket. :D
After passing through the scanning machine, the train was already arrived there waiting for us. We didn't really have much choices to choose the seat as the train was already full with people. 
The train can ferry up to 100 passengers each time. It is very convenient for people *The train was actually designed by best boyf's uncle :P* 


*Finally we are on top of the world!* Sorry it was only Penang Hill. :P
The scenic was magnificent and we could feel breeze anytime. We meant to take a lot of pictures but there was a lot of tourists standing in our way. -.- It was Labour Day and there was a lot of people including local people and foreign workers but it wasn't as crowded as we expected. :) But I would still recommend you not to go on public holidays just to avoid the crowd and photobombs.

Walked around the hilltop and took a lot of photos. We also found a lot of attractions such as Owl museum, Love Lock bridge and etc. Forgetful us forgot to buy a lock at locksmith before we off to Penang Hill to lock our love on the bridge. :( Although there was a stall selling locks, but we knew the price was ridiculously expensive as compared to normal retail price.

Photos below were taken on the Love Lock bridge. *Please ignore all the pass-bys* 

We've heard a lot of good comments about David Brown's high tea set, so after walking for quite a moment, we decided to have our high tea @ David Brown's before we heading back. We walked up to the David Brown's restaurant to have a look at the menu for high tea. The ambience up there was so breathtaking and the high tea set was quite attractive too. :) Unfortunately we were 30 minutes earlier before the high tea being served and we didn't feel like waiting so we decided to have high tea @ Sky Terrance. We would definitely pay another visit to the restaurant when we have the chance. :)

The view from the Sky Terrance wasn't that bad at all. We ordered a Smokehouse Cream Tea set and a David Brown's Fruit Punch. The Smoke House Cream Tea comes with 2 scones, 1 fruit cake and a pot of tea. We were very disappointed with the Smokehouse Cream Tea as the scones and cake were in small portion and the ingredients look cheap and yet it costed us RM32++. David Brown's Fruit Punch was actually tasty and thirst quenchy except a little too sweet for me. :/

*Opps, just realize I had so many selfies while chilling @ Sky Terrance :P*

After chilling awhile @ Sky Terrance, we took the next available train to the downhill.

# Cute flower spotted when on the way walking back to car park. :)

Penang Hill

Ended our Labour Day with a Passion Fruit Panna Cotta and a Chocolate Hazelnut cake from Dolce Dessert. I really love the all of the desserts of Dolce Dessert because their cakes and desserts are very delicious and the price is also affordable. :)

Dolce Dessert 
Phone Num: 016-441 9120
Address: No. 18 , Jalan Kek Chuan, 10400 Penang, Malaysia.
Business Hour: 11am - 11pm (Close on Monday)


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