Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jammin VIA.PRE x The Bank

I was about to start blogging at 8pm actually but i was stuck and dont feel like updating my blog suddenly but i cant, i cant break my promise *just tweeted i will update my blog today*. So here is it... :)

Alright gonna talk about the recent ME first. 
Im done with my 2 years diploma finally and currently waiting result to be released and having holidaysssss. Yeah, time passes so fast, never thought that i will be finished my diploma someday. So, im so free now! Im also looking for jobs as i dont want shaking legs at home doing nothing, this is so wasting time. I want to utilize my time my holidays! I actually planned smth before i start my final. I want to improve myself, want to improve my make up skills, my english, my blogging skill, hopefully can make vlog *but first i need to talk more smoothly in english* and many many more! Forgot to mention, i will be having about 3 months holiday. Instead of going KL to continue my degree, i choose to continue it in Penang *i feel i will change my decision in anytime lol*. Well, im still thinking which college should i continue my degree. Inti? Disted? KDU? So many comments about these few colleges. Dilemma. @@

 Hopefully i can stick to my plan, I WANT TO BE A BETTER PERSON! 
Just back from KL on Monday. Went there to visit my eldest sister, nothing much about this trip so im gonna skip it. ;)
Finally entering into the topic now...
The last day of my final was Wednesday (09042014) which mean my last paper, few of my classmates decided to have a dinner together before we separated. Planned to go Five 27 which located at Chulia Street but unfortunately it was out budget so in the end, we went to VIA.PRE. It was my second visit and were their first visit. Click here if you want to read my first visit to VIA.PRE. :)
Never knew that there are actually different menu between upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs of VIA.PRE named Jammin VIA.PRE. Dont worry people, even you are seated at upstairs but you still can order food in the menu of downstairs. I personally think that menu of Jammin VIA.PRE is not as attractive as VIA.PRE. It has lesser food choices but more cocktail choices. :)

Ordered two regular pizza *in promotion two regular pizzas, free two drinks at only RM50++, choices of drink are softdrink and beer* and one Chicken paillard, we five people shared! :) On every Wednesday also knowns as Ladies Night in Penang, Jammin VIA.PRE will be having cocktail buy one free one promotion. Of course, we got order cocktail, just i forgot to take photo. :P
As you can see from the photo, the pizzas are not nice. Its just like tomato sauces + cheese on the pizzas only, no wonder the price is only RM50++. -.- This is so-called 便宜没好货.

Chilling at there after finishing our meals. We think that the live band there is suitable for middle-aged adults not us young adults. Impromptu decision, we moved to The Bank to continue chilling... :D
What i can say is the live band at The Bank is AWESOME!!! We were so high that night probably is we finally done with final exam and diploma is ENDED!! WOOHOO~

Jammin VIA.PRE
Phone Num: 04 2619 800
Address: 5 Weld Quay, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

The Bank
Phone Num: 04-264 1088
Address: Lebuh Pantai Georgetown Pulau Pinang‎.
Business Hour: 4pm-3am

# Love the natural pink on my cheeks :P 

# 卡卡的 咚刺 咚刺 咚刺 咚刺 跳针 跳针 叫我们姐姐  #girlsrock <3

# With Chia Ling Jie Jie 咚刺 咚刺

Thanks for giving me a great night my dear classmates. :) I was a little bit sad cause some of them couldn't make it on that day as they still have to seat for resit paper. But its okay, i believe we will be meeting each other soon! :)

Thanks for making my diploma so wonderful, im so glad to meet you all from other states! <3

# My BEST assignment group members! :D

See you guys on graduation! *finger cross*


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