Sunday, April 20, 2014

2nd Visit to Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Good mood day so here i am to update my blog hhhahahha.. Currently at Mcd Seberang Jaya with best boyf, just finished our lunch here as i was craving for french fries since yesterday. Wtf i never craved for french fries. -.-
Well, best boyf and i are having relaxing weekend. :P Yesterday, we went to Queensbay without any reason lol. I told boyf i have been staying at home on weekdays, everyday eat sleep watch drama online repeat, very boring laaaaaaaa.. So i requested him to bring me to Queensbay to shop plus Sephora is newly open there and Marc Jacob cosmetic is launched too, i wanna have a look of it. :P
 Apparently, Mac Jacob cosmetic turned me down. :/ The colors of its lipstick are darker and avant-garde. Hmm that's not my cup of tea. 


Alright cut the crap, bet that you guys have read my previous post right? :)
So the next day, which is Thursday (10042013) we *Rounie, Wil Earn, Jeff and I* went to have brunch at Ferringhi Coffee Garden before Rounie and i heading back to mainland. It was my second visit to Ferringhi Coffee Garden btw, the first visit was with best boyf. Click here if you want to read about my first visit. ;)
Nothing much changes over there actually, the atmosphere, environment and service crew are still that fine. Price is the only changes. They have increased the price of beverage and price of the food im not that sure.

Last time i was seated indoor so this time i want to experience of seating outdoor. :) Friendly staffs welcomed us with their wide smile and led us to our table. Handled us the menu and started to recommend their popular food. One advantage of seating outdoor is the photos you take is so much nicer compared to indoor. The plants and flowers are like icing on the cake for your photos. :D 
But one thing you gonna bare with it is the weather outdoor is much hotter than indoor. Depends on you whether to sit indoor or outdoor. ;)
The staff introduced us their new food which is haven't add into their menu yet and it doesn't have a name too lol. Its like a sandwich which have half boiled egg on the top, ham and cheese within the toast. Jeff and i ordered the same cuz we want to give it a try. While Rounie ordered Sausage and bacon and Wil earn ordered Baked egg omelette. :) For the drinks, we ordered three Hot mocha and one Cappuccino.
I love love love their hot mocha seriously!! They make the mocha adequately, not too sweet yet not too bitter. :) And of course the coffee art on top, cute and pretty. 
*Photos below were taken while waiting for our food*

# This girl needs no introduce, i called her Roti Lorry RaoNie bla bla bla. She has a lot of nicknames given by me. HAHAHHA :P

# Wil Earn and I. :)

# Mine. ^^

# Jeff's. 

# Rounie was not satisfied with her coffee art. :/

# Wil Earn's. 

Outside was getting hotter so we decided to move to indoor. :P

# Spot something? Its Marilyn Moroe!!

# Mine and Jeff's sandwich. 

# Rounie's Sausage and bacon.

# Wil Earn's Baked egg omelette.

Some toilet mirror shoot before leaving Ferringhi Coffee Garden. Like the natural lightning on the toilet spot, it made my cheeks looked pinkish without applying brusher hehehhehehe. ^.^

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
Phone Num: 04 48851192
Address: 43-D  Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
Business Hour: 7am – 10:30pm (Daily)

Next post i will blog about Best boy's birthday celebration in advanced which happened on the same day, so stay tune! :D
Till then...