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10042014 ; Best Boyf's Birthday Dinner In Advance @ QE II 360 Waterfront Venue

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Best boyf and I went to Intensity before we were heading to Penang. Me >> hair wash and him >> hair cut.
Love the curl that the hair stylist did for me!! <3 <3 My hair is not longer that curly anymore as my hair is getting longer and heavier so it caused the curl got straighten up. :(

# Want the curl to stay longerrrrrrrrrrr ~

Best boyf had to go to China with his dad for business purpose for a few days and unfortunately his birthday fell on the 3rd day (13042014) of his trip. This means that I couldn't celebrate his birthday with him. :'( I was actually planning to go with them but I did not follow cuz this trip is for business purpose not travel purpose. It would be a little bit troublesome if I followed them. Besides that, i would need to be alone when they go out for business meeting. I don't want to be alone cuz i personally think that China is dangerous. :X I am scared that i might be kidnapped by stranger and i might lose my kidney wtf. -.-
We were left no option, so we decided to celebrate it earlier. At first we were thinking to have dinner at Ferringhi Garden as we are kind of attracted to the environment and foods over there. But last year we just had his birthday dinner there hahhahaa. After a few discussions, we finally decided to have his birthday dinner at QE II 360 Waterfront Venue. Not to forget to mention, QE II is our first date place. :P

#selfies when on the way going QE II. Good mood cuz i had a good hair day :P But one thing i was not satisfied is my make up. Failed to put on eye shadow nicely. I think i need to purchase more eye shadow palettes since i only have one eye shadow palette for now wtf x2. -.-

# Boyf photo boomed.

In our expectations, QE II was not packed with people as it was just an ordinary Thursday night. We were actually quite satisfied with the situation because it was like we booked the whole venue. :P We were first led to sit in front of a gigantic fan, but we requested to be seated on a table beside window with sea view after that.
There were quite a lot of choices from the menu and we took some time to decide what to order. My choice of the night was Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio while boyf's was Roasted Chicken with Mushroom Sauce and Orange juice as our drinks. Boyf ordered a Chocolate Volcano as his birthday cake and he requested the cake to be written with "Happy Birthday Dennis". :D 

We were in rage mode taking photos for each other while waiting for the birthday cake to be served. ;) 
Out of sudden, the waiter switched off all the fans and lighten up the candle as they were walking towards us and started to sing birthday song. 
The Chocolate Volcano was actually very delicious but it must be finished by 2 or more people as the chocolate would be very rich for 1 person. :)

Here comes the most frustrating part :
We asked the waiter to take photos for us after the cake was served. Unfortunately the photography skill of the waiter was a volcanic disaster. -.- No matter how many times we told him to include me in the photo he would still take photos excluding my face. His excuse was our camera was difficult to use so we handled him boyf's phone. Unfortunately x2 he was still trying to exclude my face out. We were very frustrated but yet we couldn't ask him to take more photos as the candle was burning out. I posted one of these photos on my Twitter and my friend said that the waiter might be a homosexual and fell in love with my boyf and kept trying to focus on my boyf only wtf x3. -.- My best boyf looked so handsome in the photos btw :P <3
Photos shown below are his "masterpiece", please feel free to "enjoy".

# This photo was taken by another staff but it was still not very satisfying because he didn't include my feet in the photo. It would have been better if  my feet were included. :P

Here are some comments about QE II :
1. My seafood in my aglio olio was not fresh at all!!! >:(
2. Waiters don't know how to take photo for customer.
3. The service wasn't the best even we were the only customer.

Not going anywhere after our dinner cuz baby boy had morning flight on the next day.
#selfies again before we left QE II. Our self captured photos were much more better than the waiters'!


Our #OOTN ^.^

End this post with this photo of best boyf and I. :)
Hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and get more information from my blog. :)

Love you my best boyf! ♥♥


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