Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Valentine's Day PART I ♥

Have been keeping this post in my draft since dont know when i've forgotten lol. Since im little free today, so i decided to update my blog about how i celebrate my Valentine's day with best boyf. :)
As the title you can see, this is just part one, yea still have part two. :P 
So it wasn't a normal Friday to me, cuz its Valentine's day and 元宵节 too. These two special occasions fell on the same day fuyooooo! 
Before this, boyf and i had already decide we will not celebrate it on the actual day as we know the restaurant will be very pack on that day, the meal will be more expensive than normal day *we dont want let the restaurant to earn lol*, food might not be delicious too and also we might face the traffic jam, so yeah just postpone it...

But, it doesnt mean we pass that day like normal Friday. 
Thought im not going to receive any present or flower but actually i received! HAHAH not roses but a handmade card and present! :D Actually i told boyf last time dont buy flower for me on vday cuz its fucking expensive than normal!!! One roses cost more than RM15. For me, its not worth okay!

The handmade card shed my tears! I can see boyf actually put a lot of effort on it! Thank you baby boy and not to forget the bracelet from Guess, thank you so much!  ♥ ♥ 
Went back to the place we met - Haagen Dazs to have ice cream before we heading to watch movie. Haagen Dazs was very crowded, full of lovebirds and parents who brought along their kids. All the staffs were super busy and we cant get to try the vday fondue as well as the other design of the ice cream. The staffs told us we need to wait if we want design ice cream, ended up we choose normal scoping only as it is more save time. :)

I always said that im the luckiest girl on earth!  

*Well, i actually gave boyf a vday card on that day and asked him rmb to claim his vday present from me. Guess what i bought him as vday present? Hehehehe...
 Its a SuperDry which i bought at Midvalley when i travelled to kl last few weeks. :D Bet that he likes it so much!  :P*

Love you my best boyf Dennis Ang, thank you for giving me the best you can! Mwahs


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