Saturday, March 15, 2014

Valentine's Day PART 2 ♥

Finally began to blog about part 2 about my Valentine's day. :)
It was Sunday, 2 days after vday, best boyf brought me to Intensity *salon which i permed my hair* to have a hair wash before heading to the island. It was good hair day and good mood day!! YAY YAY :D 
I dressed up a little that day. Kinda like my make up thou. Hehhehehhehe...

Best boyf decided to bring me to high tea @ TWG Gurney Paragon since it has been opening for quite sometime already and it was always crowded, we didn't get the chance to high tea there. Lucky us, TWG wasn't very packed that day. We waited for like about 10 mins then we got served! 
Well, not really like the setting of the tables there actually. :/ Our table was too closed with the tables beside us. This means, we can hear what people talk easily as well as they can hear us too. 
We shared a Chic high tea set, Passion fruit tea as our tea. :) Extra ordered Mix berries tart!!! *Yummmmm~

Belated vday dinner @ Little Cottage. Wanted to go for Little Cottage 2 but too bad there was private party held there. :/ Not really satisfied with the dinner actually. The food did not really reach our expectation.

Realized that i really blog less these days... Im sorry!
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