Sunday, March 23, 2014

My blogging journey~

Hi dear readers, im back again, guess this post gonna be a long post as i will write about my blogging journey. :)

I tend to think a lot when i couldn't fall asleep at night. I started to think about my blog. I want my blog looks great, people will love reading it, so i think i should really blog more. Blog more about myself and my life, to let people understand me more. So 'blogging journey' this topic came across my mind. 

I remember i start my first blog when i was form 2 if not mistaken. It was a taiwan wedsite ''. I dont really remember the link already as i have abandoned it for years hhahahaha. And if not mistaken the website is officially closed. Im quite sad actually cuz i have a lot of memories there. All is the childish ME. 

Alright lets talk how i got the blog. :) It was my friend Sara helped me to create it cuz that time really 'heng' blogging this thing *Sara had one too that time*. Hahahha. Most of the poeple have a blog on wretch. I dont want to be outdated, so i asked she help me to create one as we can really keep in touch there and i finally can get to start writing essay there. *FYI, i used to like writing chinese essay* It was my very first time contact with blog btw. :) Forgot to mention, it was a taiwan website so everything there was in Chinese. 

I updated my wretch blog like everyday. I dont know why that time i have the enthusiasm in blogging. @@ I blog every single thing of mine there, even who i like i blog there too wtf. HAHAHAH. 
One thing i like about wretch is we can lock our blog post there, only people who have the password only can view that post. Too bad blogspot doesn't have this function but its okay cuz i don't really care about this now. :)

After few year blogging on wretch, i realize some of the people slowly switching to blogspot. The reason why they switched to blogspot is because wretch started to become lag. People cant stand it that's why they switched. Okay, i got influenced again, i started to feel wretch is lag too. In the end, i switched to blogspot like others do. 
This blog is not my first blog btw. My first blog is ''. I felt funny whenever i saw my previous blog link. JUX? What is this? I dont know how to pronounce seriously. HHAHAHA~  My english wasn't that good that time, don't know how to get myself a more unique blog link so i just simply write 'justming', but too bad the name is taken. In the end, i just simply type 'juxming', blogspot shown this link is available, then i just clicked okay then here goes my blog link lol. 
Still the same, have the passion of blogging on too. But not like last time when i was on wretch, i started to think privacy is so important, not everything can be published to public. :) 

Started my college life after that, i get busier than last time when i was still in secondary school. I started to neglect my blog cuz i really don't have the extra time to manage it and another reason is LAZY. -.- I neglected like few months. One day, i decided to private it and open a new one which is my current blog -
I was about to stop blogging, but i told myself when you feel like giving up, please think why you hold for so long. So i erase the thought. 
I not really update my blog like how i did last time, i only blog when i have free time, i only blog when i have photo and i only blog when i really feel like blogging. :) And the most important one seems like i only blog more than usual during my sem break. HAHAHAHA :P

I really hope i can be like those famous bloggers sometime. :X I want to get more readers, i want to get some working opportunity but i think i haven't reach that level yet. Only get one sponsorship before wtf i still dare to say. Im not famous at all i dont know why i will get the sponsorship too. Guess that the person who sponsored me last time is regretting now LOL. Btw just a phone casing sponsorship, not a big deal right? :P Plus, my english is not good as them *need to improve my english seriously*
Well, the main reason i don't have many readers i think is because i dont even share my blog on my fb instagram. Im weirdo i think! I dont really like to let people around me know that i actually have a blog, i dont know why. I think if i let them i have a blog i dont have any privacy anymore but what's the point i have a blog??? @@ A blog means you share your story to everyone! Guess that i really need to find the answer for this question. LOL. 

Reading all the old posts, found out i really changed a lot. Not only the look of myself, my blogging style changed, some of my thoughts changed too. :) I think changing is not a bad thing right? Im trying to be a better one, that's why i change! :D
Well, hope in the following years, i will still have the passion in blogging. Hopefully one day people know my blog and i have more readers than now! HAHA dream huh? 6 years of blogging, still counting now...
Guess this is all for now, used almost 2 hours to finish this post, i sacrificed my revision time to update my blog to share ahhhhhh~ :P Final is around the corner, i think i wont be updating my blog until i finish my final. So probably see you guys after my final. Miss ya! :*

Hope you guys enjoy reading this post! 

*Photos are not related! Sorry i just feel like posting them. :P*

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Valentine's Day PART 2 ♥

Finally began to blog about part 2 about my Valentine's day. :)
It was Sunday, 2 days after vday, best boyf brought me to Intensity *salon which i permed my hair* to have a hair wash before heading to the island. It was good hair day and good mood day!! YAY YAY :D 
I dressed up a little that day. Kinda like my make up thou. Hehhehehhehe...

Best boyf decided to bring me to high tea @ TWG Gurney Paragon since it has been opening for quite sometime already and it was always crowded, we didn't get the chance to high tea there. Lucky us, TWG wasn't very packed that day. We waited for like about 10 mins then we got served! 
Well, not really like the setting of the tables there actually. :/ Our table was too closed with the tables beside us. This means, we can hear what people talk easily as well as they can hear us too. 
We shared a Chic high tea set, Passion fruit tea as our tea. :) Extra ordered Mix berries tart!!! *Yummmmm~

Belated vday dinner @ Little Cottage. Wanted to go for Little Cottage 2 but too bad there was private party held there. :/ Not really satisfied with the dinner actually. The food did not really reach our expectation.

Realized that i really blog less these days... Im sorry!
Well, follow my Instagram @MingmingGoh or Dayre @mingmingxgoh to see more update, i will be more active there. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Valentine's Day PART I ♥

Have been keeping this post in my draft since dont know when i've forgotten lol. Since im little free today, so i decided to update my blog about how i celebrate my Valentine's day with best boyf. :)
As the title you can see, this is just part one, yea still have part two. :P 
So it wasn't a normal Friday to me, cuz its Valentine's day and 元宵节 too. These two special occasions fell on the same day fuyooooo! 
Before this, boyf and i had already decide we will not celebrate it on the actual day as we know the restaurant will be very pack on that day, the meal will be more expensive than normal day *we dont want let the restaurant to earn lol*, food might not be delicious too and also we might face the traffic jam, so yeah just postpone it...

But, it doesnt mean we pass that day like normal Friday. 
Thought im not going to receive any present or flower but actually i received! HAHAH not roses but a handmade card and present! :D Actually i told boyf last time dont buy flower for me on vday cuz its fucking expensive than normal!!! One roses cost more than RM15. For me, its not worth okay!

The handmade card shed my tears! I can see boyf actually put a lot of effort on it! Thank you baby boy and not to forget the bracelet from Guess, thank you so much!  ♥ ♥ 
Went back to the place we met - Haagen Dazs to have ice cream before we heading to watch movie. Haagen Dazs was very crowded, full of lovebirds and parents who brought along their kids. All the staffs were super busy and we cant get to try the vday fondue as well as the other design of the ice cream. The staffs told us we need to wait if we want design ice cream, ended up we choose normal scoping only as it is more save time. :)

I always said that im the luckiest girl on earth!  

*Well, i actually gave boyf a vday card on that day and asked him rmb to claim his vday present from me. Guess what i bought him as vday present? Hehehehe...
 Its a SuperDry which i bought at Midvalley when i travelled to kl last few weeks. :D Bet that he likes it so much!  :P*

Love you my best boyf Dennis Ang, thank you for giving me the best you can! Mwahs