Thursday, February 13, 2014

2nd Anniversary Celebration In Advanced @ VIA.PRE ♥

Here comes another overdue post.
 Our 2nd anniversary fell on my last sem's final exam week, since we couldnt celebrate on the actual date so we decided to celebrate it earlier. :)

Red lips oh red lips~  ♥♥ 

Decided to go VIA.PRE to had our dinner as a lot of people telling me that the food is great as well as the ambience. The food was great but the ambience was not hmmpp perhaps we sat at the wrong part? Just know about there's another part on upstairs after that day. We didnt make enough of research haihs. :/

# My present from boyf love!

# Boyf's present from me!

# Lemon soda.

Asked boyf to open the card and unwrap the present while waiting our foods to be served. 
Boyf reading card and unwrapping his present.  ♥.♥ 

# A watch from me as his 2nd anniversary present! 

Thumb up for the food seriously!!! 

# Spaghetti aglio E olio. 
(the classic, fried garlic and chili in olive oil sauteed pasta)

# Chicken paillard. 
(healthy grilled rosemary and garlic, mix salad, steam potatoes)

After eating, its my turn to open card and unwrap my present hehehehhehehee... :P

# Like on my birthday, boyf kept the present again. Look at the picture, my shocked face so funny.. HAHAHHA

# Pandora glove charm as my 2nd anniversary charm.  Thank you baby boy!! It represents we had travel to winter country together. 

# Chocolate semifredo as our dessert.
(Homemade ice cream)

Next stop was 55 Cafe. Went there purposely just for the 3D art coffee. 

Straits Quay was our last stop. Fruuze frozen yogurt became full stop of the night.

Sometime, i think im really not good in expressing myself, my words cant describe me well. But i know there is always someone understand me more than myself, he is my boyf! I dont have to speak any single word  yet he knows what i think. Guess this is because we have been together for already two years plus. The understanding between each other is getting stronger and stronger day by day.  ♥ 

Baby boy, 
Thank you for everything! Im not good in english, not good in expressing myself thats why i can only say 'Thank you for everything' on every time. Thank you for loving me, thank you for tolerate my bad temper, thank you for loving my family, thank you for treating me like a princess, thank you for fulfilling my stupid requests, thank you for making my dream came true, thank you for giving me the best you can... I have so many things want to thank you. :)
I always said im the luckiest one cuz i found you! Because there's no one like you so sayang me before i found you. You're like an angel to me, you protect me always! You're my BFF, boyf, my everything!
Im sorry sometimes, i was too childish to ask for smth but you never yell at me or complain yet you try to make it true, fulfil me. I can only say im really the LUCKIEST girl on earth!  ♥ 
See, im lack of words again. But i know you know me! 
Three words.
Easy to understand.

We don't need fancy dinner or present, we only need each other in every single moment. This, will be the best! ♥ 

My english is not good but i guess people still can understand what i try to say.


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