Friday, January 24, 2014


Back in 13.12.2013 (Friday), i hanged out with my girls which are Angel (left in the photo), Rounie (right in the photo) and Elaine Leong fun (she's not in the photo). I was so happy cuz we finally reunited after so so so longgggg. All of us are busying with our life and studies.
Rounie and i skipped that day's law class and went back to mainland on Thursday night then Friday go Penang with Angel just to fetch Elaine Leong Fun + have fun at Gurney Paragon. :P

Had our lunch at Javrie's Restaurant & Pizzeria. I was so in love with Rounie's new camera which is Casio zr1200. Cannot cannot i have got my Sony ald. :/

# I can hear the laughter. :D

Went to take 大头贴 after pressing phone, uploading photo on instagram, non stop taking photo and laughing at Javrie's. Casio camera works perfect! Look at our faces!! The fairness OMG OMG!!
We were screaming and laughing while taking 大头贴. We were too high cuz it was our first time!! :D

# Editing our 大头贴. Screamed and laughed AGAIN!! Over high yeah!!! HAHAH #girls

Had dessert at Brown Pocket before going back to mainland. :D


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