Wednesday, December 18, 2013

16112013 ; Ferringhi Coffee Garden

BELLO the blogger me is here again to update my blog. :) Still rmb what i mentioned in my previous post? I broke my mouse on yesterday's afternoon and i got a new one on evening when boyf came visit me!!! He bought me a new mouse AWWWW best boyf  ♡♡ 

Dragged this post for quite some times and finally im going to blog about it today. There are few more posts are pending to up also, i wish i have more time to settle them all. :/ 

      A great day should start with a great breakfast, dont you agree? 

Breakfast should come first before others. :) Finally have the chance to have breakfast at Ferrighi Garden Cafe. I've gotta clarify that this isn't the well known Ferringhi Garden, this is a small cafe next to it, serving only breakfast and light lunch. It has indoor which is air-conditioned and outdoor. I can literally smell the greeny smell of the leafs, super refreshing. Not to forget, we were the first customer of the day. :P 
You can choose either indoor or outdoo, well we chose indoor. Staffs over there are super friendly, this is why we think it is worth to pay service tax.

Drinks : Hot mocha for me, English breakfast tea for boyf.
Foods : FCG Breakkie for boyf & Sausage and bacon for me.

Mocha and english breakfast tea come together with a piece of sweet bite, to kill the bitter taste of the drink i think. :) Another thing i want to clarify is, their breakfast come with big portion *not sure for you guys, but for me the portion is big*. So if you're not that well in finish big portion foods, you can actually share with your partner. 

Honestly, food over there was not bad. Definitely will pay a visit again! :) Boyf & i were satisfied with our breakfast and we skipped lunch that day. HAHHA

Ferringhi Coffee Garden
Phone Num: 04 48851192
Address: 43-D  Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Penang
Business Hour: 7am – 10:30pm (Daily)


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