Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Shopping day with mummy love and boyf. Had lunch at Michelangelo's and high tea at Coffee Bean before going back home. :)

# Pollo Bianca

# Pollo alla diavola

Not going to visit Michelangelo's for the second time i think, bad service *but food actually not bad thou*. Ordered peach smoothies and IT IS NOT LIKE SMOOTIES at all. Its like peach juice with many many ices. -.- And also, they took forever to serve our food, we were starving there for almost 45mins. Not to forget to mention, THERE ARE NO LOCAL PEOPLE WORKING AT THE RESTAURANT, ALL ARE FOREIGN WORKER,外劳 ! They dont understand what we said, damn! Zzzz

# My OOTD. 

# Backed home and boyf was so tired till falling asleep Ouu ouuu...


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