Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apologize ~

A sincere apologize from the blogger to readers. 
These few weeks are like restless week for me. I have no time to breath. Everything is so pack. Busy with assignment, mid term, assignment, mid term. No time to blog, no time to have a date with boyf, NO TIME!
It is so suffer but what can i do? Im a student, assignments, tests and presentation are the things i need to face. Hoping i can have 48 hours per day. :/
Just done my banking lending mid term test just now, not really have high confidence of scoring high mark. Praying hard, i just want to pass. This is not an end yet, having marketing presentation on Thursday then next Monday banking securities mid term test 2 and Law mid term test 2 on Friday. 
Kill me please, my brain is gonna explode. :/


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