Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back in JULY x The MugShot

Here comes another Back in JULY post~
It was 25th of July~ 
Tied a big bun on my head with red polka dots ribbon, i was Japanese on that day lol.

Had our dinner at Teik Sen restaurant. This restaurant needs no introduce i think cuz it really famous in Penang. :)

Teik Sen Restaurant (徳成飯店) 
Phone Num : 012 493 9424
Address : Tek Sen Restaurant Ground Floor of No.18 & 20 Carnarvon Street Georgetown, 10100 Penang
Business Hours : Lunch – 12:00 to 2:30pm Dinner – 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Closed on every Tuesday!

Acted like traveller walking around the street and found some new cafes in town which are 55 cafe, Mike's place and Nostalgie but heard from my classmate said Nostalgie has moved. 

Next stop : The MugShot 
My first visit. Friendly people and great yogurt!

 A-photo-you-must-take when you're at MugShot.
I like my charge thou - TOO NEGATIVE yes i am HAH!

The MugShot Cafe
Phone Num : +6012-405 6276 (Jesse) / +6016-482 5501 (Tristan)
Address : 302 Chulia Street, Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours : Mon – Sun (Daily) : 8am – 9pm

On the way back to mainland and we saw this, bird shop ya bird shop. :P

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Back in JULY

Im having marketing presentation tmr. OH NOOOOOOO! 
Stop myself from practicing for tmr's presentation and here im updating my blog. This post is gonna be a super duper overdue post hahah. *keeping these photo in my album is so waste so i upload here and blog about it. :)* 

It was someday in JULY (17072013), someday on my last semester // someday before my last semester's final. It was a normal Saturday but boyf turned it into abnormal Saturday. :P Without any plan, we went to Penang at 10.30pm by ferry. *this is not the thing we will do as usually this time we are ald preparing to off to bed*
Stupid ferry came late and we actually waited like 30 or 45mins. Went to China House to chill. That was 2nd visit for us that time, get to sit outside and draw on table finally Yaa Yay!! :D A slice of Chocolate orange cake and Peppermint drinks as companion of the night. 

Cake and drink not that nice but who cares? As long as the person with you on the moment is the right person. <3


End this post with our not-so-nice-but-i-like-it-so-much drawing photo. 

Nights peeps!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Apologize ~

A sincere apologize from the blogger to readers. 
These few weeks are like restless week for me. I have no time to breath. Everything is so pack. Busy with assignment, mid term, assignment, mid term. No time to blog, no time to have a date with boyf, NO TIME!
It is so suffer but what can i do? Im a student, assignments, tests and presentation are the things i need to face. Hoping i can have 48 hours per day. :/
Just done my banking lending mid term test just now, not really have high confidence of scoring high mark. Praying hard, i just want to pass. This is not an end yet, having marketing presentation on Thursday then next Monday banking securities mid term test 2 and Law mid term test 2 on Friday. 
Kill me please, my brain is gonna explode. :/

Thursday, November 14, 2013

22nd Monthsary ♡

05112013, didn't know that it was our monthsary until baby boy mentioned about it. We usually celebrate hundreds day instead of monthsary, so this time baby boy suggested to celebrate it. :) Not a big celebration actually is just we had dinner at Italianies and dessert at Miam Miam. :) Finally paid a visit to Miam Miam after so long. :)

Thank you baby boy for loving me in the past 22 months. Dont stop loving me okay? ♡