Monday, October 7, 2013

Lovely Dovey Day - 07092013

Last month baby boy bought me a new camera, its Sony NEX 3N, even thou this is not the newest model but is alright as long as it can capture nice photo and the most important one is I LIKE IT! :D Thank you my love baby boy! 

Sorry for neglected my blog for such a longggg time. Yeah you know i was busy, busy about my sister's wedding and also my UK & Paris trip. :P So much want to say, want to blog but ahemm i guess i have no enough of time as my new sem has started. Btw, dont worry i will update my blog when im able okay? :)
Not going to elaborate much, i will let the photo do the talks! :)

*Photos are all taken by using my new camera, Sony NEX 3N*
Happy Sunday, lovely dovey day with my baby boy. Or it should be said as another 'WeJustCantStopEatingDay'? :P 
We went to Gurney --> Victoria Rossa --> Gurney --> Chew & Tan Jetty *not really remember already sorry* --> Mike's place --> Mugshot

Love spending time with baby boy, every hour, every minute, every second I'm smiling! 


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