Tuesday, October 29, 2013

83 Cafe Raja Uda

Hello readers im here again, im stuck on the half way of doing assignment. Marketing assignment is just that SUCK! -.- Not the assignment suck actually just the lecturer's prob. Hostel's wifi broke down since this morning, im currently at Eewei's hostel now lending their wifi lol. I need to give my brain to rest awhile lol so im here blogging about another pending post which has been saved in my draft since last week. Not going to elaborate much la as this cafe disappointed me a lot. :/
Been seeing a lot of people posting photo on Instagram about 83 cafe. All the photos looked greate and i just knew it last month about there is another 83 cafe that same with Penang is newly open at Raja Uda.  So it was last last Friday (18102013) after boyf off from his work, he brought me there to have dinner. 83 cafe is just next few shops beside Tea Garden, not hard to find thou. Well, all i can say is... High expectation leads to high disappointment!!!! 
Food - 4/10
Service - 3/10
Environment - 5/10
Price - not worth with the foods they served :/
*yeah you can know from the rate btw its only my own opinion la may be you guys not same with me may be for you guys im weirdo! LOL*

# Blue x Black.

Planning to blog about my eldest sister's wedding and also my UK & Paris trip!!!


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