Sunday, October 27, 2013


Usually boyf will come Penang to dinner with me once or twice a week as you know i dont have transport in Penang. Best boyf doesnt want me to eat instant noodles everyday. :) Brought boyf to Behind 50 as he keeps hearing me said how delicious are the foods they served. Behind 50 didnt turn him down, he gave 7/10 for the foods. :D Yes i MUST have dessert after lunch and dinner. I was craving for cakes! Went to Delicious instead of Humble Beginning. Tried their Tiramisu cake, not bad thou and it was in big size. Boy and i almost cant finish it. :/ The next day which is 17/10 was my new housemate also known as my jie mei Ah Leong's birthday *she has a lot of nicknames actually.. 贤姐, Leong fun, ah leong, miss blur etc* , took away a slice of Red velvet cake from Delicious for her to celebrate her birthday in advanced. :) Simple surprise but i think she was really get surprised! :P 


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