Tuesday, October 29, 2013

83 Cafe Raja Uda

Hello readers im here again, im stuck on the half way of doing assignment. Marketing assignment is just that SUCK! -.- Not the assignment suck actually just the lecturer's prob. Hostel's wifi broke down since this morning, im currently at Eewei's hostel now lending their wifi lol. I need to give my brain to rest awhile lol so im here blogging about another pending post which has been saved in my draft since last week. Not going to elaborate much la as this cafe disappointed me a lot. :/
Been seeing a lot of people posting photo on Instagram about 83 cafe. All the photos looked greate and i just knew it last month about there is another 83 cafe that same with Penang is newly open at Raja Uda.  So it was last last Friday (18102013) after boyf off from his work, he brought me there to have dinner. 83 cafe is just next few shops beside Tea Garden, not hard to find thou. Well, all i can say is... High expectation leads to high disappointment!!!! 
Food - 4/10
Service - 3/10
Environment - 5/10
Price - not worth with the foods they served :/
*yeah you can know from the rate btw its only my own opinion la may be you guys not same with me may be for you guys im weirdo! LOL*

# Blue x Black.

Planning to blog about my eldest sister's wedding and also my UK & Paris trip!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Usually boyf will come Penang to dinner with me once or twice a week as you know i dont have transport in Penang. Best boyf doesnt want me to eat instant noodles everyday. :) Brought boyf to Behind 50 as he keeps hearing me said how delicious are the foods they served. Behind 50 didnt turn him down, he gave 7/10 for the foods. :D Yes i MUST have dessert after lunch and dinner. I was craving for cakes! Went to Delicious instead of Humble Beginning. Tried their Tiramisu cake, not bad thou and it was in big size. Boy and i almost cant finish it. :/ The next day which is 17/10 was my new housemate also known as my jie mei Ah Leong's birthday *she has a lot of nicknames actually.. 贤姐, Leong fun, ah leong, miss blur etc* , took away a slice of Red velvet cake from Delicious for her to celebrate her birthday in advanced. :) Simple surprise but i think she was really get surprised! :P 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Heaven Gate x Victoria Sweet Pastry

Been telling boyf said that since the week we are back from UK then our weekends are like everyday nua at home that kind. So, he, the best boyf, decided to bring me to Penang to have a date on Sunday (13102013). Dressed up prettily then lets go! :D Don't know where to lunch haiyoooo then we passed by Heaven Gate plus boyf always wanted to try their foods so here we go to have our lunch at Heaven Gate. :)

Apparently their menu disappointed us, not many choices. :/ Boyf ordered Aromatic smoked chicken and i ordered Spaghetti aglio olio. Boyf said the smoked chicken taste not bad and my aglio olio was a little bit spicy. Ordered my fav Ice peach tea as our drinks. :)

Heaven Gate
Phone Num : 012-477 5979
Address : No. 1A, King Street, Georgetown 10200 Penang.
 Business Hour : Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 12am, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 1am

We planned to visit the newly open dessert shop named Victoria Sweet Pastry on that day actually but since it was still early to go for high tea after our lunch so we dropped by Gurney Paragon to make a short shopping awhile hahhahhahahahha. 

Victoria Sweet Pastry is located at Vantage Desiran which is the new shop-lots beside Tesco Tanjung Tokong. For now there are still not so many shops which is in operating business so you can spot Victoria Sweet easily. :) The design of it is just quite similar with Victoria Rossa, full with girls' fav color PINK, white tables and chairs, flowers and etc. At first i tot it was another shop of Victoria Rossa, after asking my friend i just know it is not. Heehhehe. :P

Since it is a newly open dessert shop and not much people know about it so the shop is actually not really many customer. Aww i like this kind of feeling okay when the shop is not many people. :P I know im weird. 
Well, i actually quite disappointed about the menu, not much choices too. :/ Macaroons and cakes are display on the transparent refrigerator. We ordered Mix berry macaroon, Orea cheese cake *boyf's fav oreooooooo* and a pot of Honey apple tea. One thing i like about this dessert shop is the waiters and waitress super friendly as well as the boss. When i told them the macaroon and cake were a little bit too sweet, the boss also know as the chef came out from kitchen and asked for my comment instead of ignore me. ^^ Me like this type of service!

# May be i've tried Laduree macaroon in Paris so i think this mix berry macaroon is not nice. :/ The macaroon is too sweet for me but but butttt... the filling is good, a lil sourness and sweetness combined. :)

# Oreo cheese cake is too sweet for me too but if you are oreo love you might like this cuz its really a lot of OREO in the cake. :)

# The honey apple tea is from BOH one. @@

Its photo time when finished our macaroon and cake. :P Thanks thanks thanks my personal photographer my boyf who help me take a lot of photos hehhehe ♥

Victoria Sweet Pastry
Phone Num : 012 447 8369
Address : B-G-9, Vantage Desiran, Tanjung Tokong
Business Hours : 12pm - 11pm