Sunday, August 25, 2013

Stressful August finally going to an end.


Not sure people are still remember me or not lol. Btw, the blogger me is here right now again *but just for awhile?* Was so so so pek chek just now because of my laptop. I think its too long i didnt open it thats why it messed with me wtf. So lag i dont know what wrong and why. But luckily its alright now i think it works well now lol.
So, as the title shown 'Stressful August....' the blogger me is having final exam now, left 1 to go on next Thursday. I can have some rest some relax time now as my last paper is on next week thats why im here to update my blog i want to keep my blog alive! *wait! cannot too relax i tell you!*.
Five pending posts saved in draft since June wtf, my July and August are so scary so busy zz. Not going to blog about what happened during my exam period. I was too stress too negative, over that kind of stress and negative you know? If you're my twitter follower you must be reading my tweet about emo negative stress this kind of tweet everyday.
Phewwwwwwwwwwww but i think this kind of emo negative stress tweet wont appear some time starts from now, because final going to an end my stressful August going to an end ma! :)

Alright just some crap here.
Will update many many many posts once i finish my final okay.


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