Friday, August 30, 2013

02072013 ; Belated Birthday Dinner @ Italiannies Gurney Paragon

Hi here's another birthday post again. Rounie, Hui Sien and 40 pa decided to bring me to have a great dinner instead of buying present for me. They said they dont know what should they buy for me, they lazy to think lol so bring me to have a great dinner would be the best for me and for them too. Hehehhee... 

Planned to go Daorea at the first but then our pa 40 *our driver too* said Daorea is not nice so in the end we went to Italiannies at Gurney Paragon. Did a lilttle doll up that day cuz its my belated birthday dinner with my girls. :* Everyone was in the good mood that night i can sure. Rounie and Hui Sien wore more prettier than usual hehhee i love to see how people dressed up nicely. :) 

Did some selca while on the way going. 

# With Hui Sien the blur one. HAHAAHHAH

# Photo with Rounie but super duper dirty background. -.-

At Italiannies, our food is designed for sharing. Our large portion allows you to sample many different tastes while enjoying the family style dinning of Italy.

# Complimentary breads with some sauces.

# Lemon ADE & Banana strawberry smoothies. 

# Rounie's order - Aglio Olio.

# Hui Sien's order - Shrimp Ling

# Mine - Spaghetti with chicken instead of meatball. 

# 40 pa's order - Chicken lasagna.

# Photo with both of them my girls when our foods are served. Tee heheeee ;)

Phone number : 04 2289761 / 016 9206074
Address : Lot No 1-31, Ground Floor, Gurney Paragon Mall, 153D-1-32, Persiaran Gurney.
Business Hour : 11am - 11pm

We were too full after dinner, so walking around Gurney Paragon awhile before going back. Took some photos too, to keep it as memories! <3

Thank you guys for the awesome dinner! :D

Thursday, August 29, 2013

23062013 ; My Birthday Dinner @ ChinaHouse / Kopi C. Espresso ❤

Final is end finally and im free like a bird now. :D This sem break gotta be real different, i cant wait i cant wait. :P Alright actually wanted to write smth before i start my birthday post but i feel thats better make it to other post cuz what i want to write is totally not match with my birthday post. So, i will make it on the next post la may be? :)  

Okay, so this post i kept at draft since i dont know when i forgot lol.
Photo below are taken on my birthday which is the day after the wedding *here* , before going down to hotel's restaurant to have breakfast. :)

This year, my birthday is really different because of i can finally get to celebrate my birthday with my boyf. Started our journey back to Penang at evening *yea its late*. Something unhappy happened on the day btw, yea that time i think why is my birthday is the suck this year?? *But not! continue reading please :P* Well, it is past, i dont want mention anymore i dont want to ruin my blogging mood.

Didnt know where to have my birthday dinner actually cuz boyf and i didnt make any plan but who knows le boyf actually reserved a table secretly, without telling me at China House? :P While otw going Penang, i asked him where are we going now and he still dont want tell me. In the end, deng deng denggggggggg he brought me to China House cuz i kept nagging him to bring me last time. Haha..

# Selca. :)
China House is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air coutyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and multi-purpose performance theatre.

Im not sure how many sections that China House has, but we were at the fine dining section. Glad that that day wasn't a special day for other people so China House actually not that crowded and the fine dining section only us and the other one couple. :)

# Spot my birthday present? :P

My Prince & His Princess 

Since we had eaten smth before coming due to we were too hungry so for our dinner we just ordered meal for one person, we shared! :D We ordered Peppery leaf salad as starter, Grilled chicken as main course and Lemon cheese cake as our dessert and also my birthday cake. ;) For drinks, le boyf ordered Chocolate Shake and me ordered Mango juice. Highly recommended the grill chicken, its really delicious. Okay, my saliva is dropping. -.-

 Birthday song x Candle x Cake 

# Birthday girl was making wishes...

# Blow the candle.

# The only photo of me & le boyf. Too shy to ask the waiter to help us take more photo. 

Now, its present time!!! 
You all please pay attention on my face!! Look at my face expression!!  

# Le boys said look at here show me your happy face. :)


# Still in the OMG mood. 

# Omg again, what will be inside the box?? 

# WHAT?! WHERE IS MY TIFFANY & CO??? IS IT STOLEN OR WHAT?? WHERE IS IT?? WHERE IS IT?? :O *look at my eyes and mouth please ya all*

# Its here baby le boyf said. HAHAHHA

# AWWW my birthday present!! :D:D

# Its a necklace from Tiffany & Co. Boyf helped me to wear it and take a photo. Happy birthday with happy smile. ❤

# Kisses for le boyf my baby boy mwahs x 


After that, walking around before we go back to mainland. 

China House ; Kopi C. Espresso 
Phone number : 04 2637922
Address : 153-155 Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10350 Penang. 

Thank you mummy and both of my lovely sisters for the Pandora, le boyf for the Tiffany & Co and not to forget ang pau from daddy. Also, thank you for all the wishes on twitter, facebook, instagram and whatsapp, i know its too late to say thank you but i dont care. :P
Love you guys! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Thank you  baby boy for everything. I LOVE YOU!